Will Digital Marketing Be The Endgame For Traditional Marketing In 2019? Know More


Today we will talk about one of the interesting topics of the internet. We sharing our opinion. 



Do you ever try to know why this question arrives generally? Because the way of thinking pattern is changing, people moving very fast. Even brand are changing their way to reach to the potential customer.


Digital Marketing becoming the next big revolutionary subject on the internet. Marketing totally changed now but in 2019 still, traditional marketing has it won share.


We agreed Traditional Marketing has reduced and Digital Marketing increased but what about #endgame of traditional marketing.

Let’s Analyze Why this Situation Is Arise. 


Will digital marketing be the endgame for traditional marketing in 2019. Know More.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing



This could be the major reason behind the end of traditional marketing because now most of the country user becoming price sensitive, because of multiple options.

Traditional marketing is very costly compared to Digital marketing, even you can start digital marketing from today at free of cost through facebook & twitter page.

Like Post posting, Tagging, Group sharing but this kind of features is not available in traditional marketing.


User Interest And Availability


Marketing will be done according to user interest, not your thought. Marketing does according to people availability. Availability refers to where people spend their free time. They are available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ETC. They spend their free time on social media and search engine.

People are now no more interested in hoarding and leafleting. Time changing people are moving and marketing method should be move.


Easy to Start With Digital Marketing.


Most interesting is you can start itself. you can’t get a result as an experienced agency does but still, you can alone start. You can learn along with advertising of the product.

There are hundreds of the platform to start digital Marketing today at minimum cost. One of our colleagues learned from youtube now he is fantastic digital marketer but he has invested year to get such knowledge.

This is not possible in traditional marketing, you will have to hire someone to do your job.

Ease of Access to Resources Using Digital Platform.


Almost every platform is free to access, make your pages and start promoting. Like list business on google my business at free of cost, make Facebook Page and start sharing your content. Use the Canva platform to make awesome images.

Do you think you can start traditional marketing like digital marketing from day one and without investing any money for your branding and promotions?


Analytics to Measure The Strategy, Success And Failure.


Every platform has analytics features at free of cost to measure the success and failure of marketing campaign you run.

As per result, you can take the action immediately without losing single money on it. This is not possible in traditional marketing at all.


Marketing Reach & Sucess Chances.


Using the digital platform at low cost you can reach globally and success ration will be high but in traditional marketing, you will have to invest a huge amount of fund to reach through TV channel and other sponsored ads.

Traditional marketing will be one-way communication after investing such amount of money but digital marketing will be two-way communication.

As per the recent trend, people love instant response and reply to the query.  They love two-way communications.


Know The Results of a Marketing Campaign.


You can measure the result very easily in digital marketing through digital tools. But this is not possible in traditional marketing advertisement campaign at all.



Traditional marketing won’t end at all but digital marketing takes all the possible market share.  Why not end because sponsorship will be alive always and this is also included in traditional marketing.

We will be waiting for our opinion on these topics. Please share your thought and if we found your opinion up to mark then we all share in our blog and give you the whole credit.

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