Why My Website And Blog Not Getting The Expected Organic Traffic?


Your Website And Blog Not Getting The Expected Organic Traffic From Search Engine Depends on So Many Things. Let’s See What Need To Avoid.



To be very honest everyone wants to be in top result either on the first page of the search engine but not possible for a search engine to rank everyone.

Get top rank on search engine like Google depends on so many factors most important are we will discuss today in the article.



Ask your self About


Why Search Engine promotes your page on the top result for organic traffic?


How will get the top position on a search engine?


What are the methods need to follow to rank number one on a search engine?


What needs to avoid to get organic traffic for your website and blog?



We are going to give the all answer so you will be able to understand the concept step by step and get the expected organic traffic from search engine.



Website And Blog Content Unique And Plagiarism Free for Organic Traffic.


A most major reason behind your low traffic is content. Always try to produce unique and high-quality content so search crawler feels that there is a something new people will love that and promote your website and blog.

Plagiarism content also helps to reduce the website ranking day by day so whenever you write and published some post make sure you have unique content using one tool for the plagiarism checker.

Best Online Tool: prepostseo



Use A Secure Website To Increase Organic Traffic.


Website and blog should have https instead of http. The website and blog which has a certificate(https) will build a huge trust among the all search crawler to rank. Must use https certificate to your website.



Deficiency In SEO Execution to Not Getting Organic Traffic.


Deficiency in Search Engine Optimization can’t give the expected organic traffic from the search engine at all. Might be you fail to implement the right SEO strategy in your website and blog to rank on search engine like improper Title, Description, Meta Tags ETC.

Might be you fail to create sitemap and robots.txt. Might be you fail to integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console. Might be your website not indexed properly due to a deficiency in SEO strategy execution.

Keep your content readability score high and good to rank higher. The readability score also plays a vital role in ranking.



Low-Quality Backlinks Either No Backlinks.


All we know backlinks play a vital role in SEO and SEO is the ideal way to bring organic traffic for your blog and website. Backlinks give your website high traffic at a short period of time. Backlinks also have two parts first one is Follow And another one is no-follow links.

This is also another reason that you are not getting the expected result from a search engine because you don’t have good backlinks either still don’t have any backlinks for your website and blogs.



Deficiency In Use Of Keyword In Website And Blogs Content.


You must have to use keyword in your website and blogs article to help search engine crawler to understand your content to rank on a search engine and give the expected organic traffic for your website and blog.

Deficiency in the use of keyword also become the reason of not getting the organic traffic for your website and blog.



Less Focus on Promotions of Website And Blogs For Organic Traffic.


As per current data you should have to spend most of the time to promote your existing and published content on the web to get organic traffic for your website and blog.

Give less time to create new content. New content foes matter but not more important than promotions at all. This another reason that not getting the expected organic traffic. So aggressively promote your content on all the social media platform to aware all.



Title And Description Are Not Up to the Mark To Get Organic Traffic.


Poor title and description might decrease your CTR. Both play a vital role in traffic. Check in your Google Search Console that how many impressions you are generating and what is the CTR. If CTR is below the 3 percent then this is not a good sign for you at all.



Spam of Url Link And Submit Url Link To Less Secure Online Directory.


Comment of another blog using your URL is good to get traffic and sometimes follow backlinks but if don’t do it repeatedly because if you do that again and again then your website URL treated as spam and somehow affect your overall ranking.

Same way don’t post your website link to the less secure directory for ranking. The less secure website might increase traffic temporary but in a long time, it will affect your website and blog very badly.



Less Active on All the Social Media Platforms At Early Stage of Website And Blogging.


If you are not too active on all the social media also become the reason of not getting the traffic because when you can’t say about your website and blog to anyone then how can anyone will reach to you.

You will have to speak on social media about your product and services always too aware of the other people and increase followers.



Your Website And Blog Structure And Navigation Issues.


Keep your website and blog navigation user-friendly. User experience does matter in ranking and traffic. Keep your website simple and easy to use for all visitors and returning visitors.



Website And Blog Page Speed Consequences to Not Getting Organic Traffic. 


If your website and blog take more than 3 seconds to load then user left your website and increase the bounce rate. If visitors leave your website before the page loading then it will affect your website ranking very badly. In this scenario, you won’t get expected traffic for your website blog.


Not Getting Organic Traffic Due TO Less Responsive Website And Blog. 


Less responsive means your Website and Blog is not compatible with all browsers and devices. It will have become the reason for not getting organic traffic for your website & blog.


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