Why Digital Marketing Is So Important For Small & Startup Business In 2019 By TryDigital


Digital marketing is important for every business but why so important for startup & small businesses.




Nowadays Digital Marketing planning is important for every business but for startups & small business digital marketing is so important.


Marketing planning is the foundation for any business in growth. In 2019 each level of business working on a digital marketing strategy to reach a potential audience at a low and affordable cost.


Today we will talk about why so important for startups & small business. While startups found an idea and start working on it they consider everything except marketing strategy.  They focused on office space, location, staff, etc. They missed planning how they first of all market there services and product.


Marketing is not a one time process, its take time to shows the result. You will have to change, modify marketing strategy as per and according to feedback on a regular basis. 90% startup fails to market there services & product in the estimated period of time because of a lack of expertise in marketing and execution.


Most of the small business & startups make mistake while choose media and platform to promote business and burnt money on marketing before get to know the importance of social media marketing reach and potentiality. On the early stage of a startup, they spent fund on pamphlets, banner, hoarding, newspaper ads in the limited marketing budget.


Why we are criticizing these traditional ads method because these ads are not flexible at all. They are not much suitable for startups. We made a mistake while starting up. What we did, we don’t want to do by another startup.


There are a few steps to promote your business more effectively at low cost using a digital marketing platform.


Let’s analyze why digital marketing so important and exploring the same step by step.



1. Flexibility To Start & Stop Anytime.

Digital marketing can be started in hours. It is so flexible to change, modify, start & stop ads. Even marketing strategy can be changed and modify at any time.


2. Start With Any Amount Of Budget.

You can start with minimum investment or even free of cost. Like Facebook post published and sharing in different groups and share on your timeline and tags all your well-wishers. You will be able to reach many people with no money.


3. Low Budget Marketing Platforms.

Startups can start marketing ads with Rs-100 per day and reach to a potential customer but this is not possible in traditional marketing.


4. Multiple Platform Benefits.

There are so many platforms to make a profile and start sharing your services at free of cost. You don’t need to pay anyone to start telling people about your services. A most important platform for a local startup is Google My Business Platform. List of the platform is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn ETC.


5. Result Monitoring Benefits.

You can’t monitor result in traditional banner ads at all but In the digital marketing process, you can check result each and every day and change marketing strategy according to it.


6. Get Instant Brand Awareness Benefits.

Using the digital marketing platform, you can make brand awareness at a low cost or without investing money. It’s not possible in traditional marketing at all. Nowadays people love the company which is active on social media and have a great online presence.

The most important thing is now people are looking for your product and services online so be there where they are.



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