Why Ads.Txt Is Necessary To Upload In Root Directory of Your Website By Adsense!


Earnings at risk one or more of your sites do not have an ads.txt file. Fix this error now to avoid severe impact on your revenue in 2019.


Recently Google Adsense updated his policy to add “ads.txt” in your website root directory to authorized Adsense to display ads on your platform.

It is just a warning for you to prevent unwanted ads conflicts from other agents on your website and blog.

This is not a bad warning at all but if you follow the instruction then you will be able to make a healthy profit from advertisers on your platform.

This update simple meaning is to create transparency and make healthy online advertisement ecosystem.


Step by step guide to integrate Google Adsense Ads.txt in WordPress website. 



Click On Learn More Sections Of Notification.

Adsense ads.txt process step one by TryDigital




Copy The File Which Is Marked Below.

Adsense ads.txt process step 2 by TryDigital



Rename The Pub-000000000000 With Your Own Pub-Id. Pub Id means your Publisher Id. You, Will, Get Your Pub Id In Your Account Section Of Adsense.

Adsense ads.txt process step 3rd by TryDigital





Paste The Copied File In a Notepad And Replaces The Pub Id With Your Own Publisher Id.

Adsense ads.txt process step 4th by TryDigital




Save As edited file as a mentioned below format.

Adsense ads.txt process step 5th by TryDigital




Go to Control Panel of Your Website.

Adsense ads.txt process step 6th by TryDigital



Go to File Manager, Go To public _html upload the file In The Root Directory Like Below.

Adsense ads.txt process step 7th by TryDigital




Uploading the File Which Is Earlier We Made And Saved In your Computer.(Ads.txt)

Adsense ads.txt process step 8th by TryDigital




Now You Can See The File Like Below In Your Directory.

Adsense ads.txt process step 9th by TryDigital



Now you have done your process in a few simple steps. Enjoy your monetization but keep in mind be loyal with google and you will get a rewarded.

Never manipulate with unwanted clicks from an illegal way. Have a wonderful journey ahead from Team At TryDigital.

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