What Is The Trend of E-book In 2019 And How E-book Benefits In Marketing?


Is E-book selling trend gone? E-book selling is still in trend?



Today we will discuss the E-booking selling trend in 2019 | How Marketer getting benefits from it.



In 2019 you can see everyone is making an E-book and selling it an online platform like Amazon either own website to engage visitors and make some revenue.

Making of E-book is profitable from any angel if “Yes” then is it right decision to make E-book in the year 2019?

Of course not, no one willing to read anything for such a long time. Now people are interested in videos making content that’s why youtube become the second most searchable platform on the internet.

This is not right that E-book has absolute in 2019 but the majority taken by videos. If you have a short goal to achieve then you can make it and start selling on the platform.

Most of the time business owner make E-book generate traffic and engage the customer. Another goal of free E-book is to get user details like mail and contact details.

If you have a short goal to achieve then must make E-book sell either distribute for free to get popularity and visitors.

As per Google Trends tools, E-book decreasing now.  E-book won’t disappear but the percentage of the interested user will decrease to minimal.



Google Trend India Report-May-2019.

India Google Trands Graph For E-book Selling in 2019 by TryDigital


Google Trend United State Report May-2019.

Google Trands Graph For E-book Selling in 2019 by TryDigital


What Are The benefits of E-Book For Website And Blog In 2019?


E-book Benefits In Engagement.


We know time changing that’s why people interest in changing. Now people moving from E-book to E-Videos but still they are moving not moved on.

The e-book helps you make engagement on your platform. The visitors will love Free E-book either he read or not but they must download.



E-book Benefits In Revenue Generation.


Literally, if your E-book is worth to read and give a right knowledge in the right direction then it will be sold out. Start selling at minimum cost to the visitors. Sell E-book in quantity so you will be able to increase the revenue.



E-book Benefits In Email building.


E-books play a vital role in email building. Give free E-book and in the exchange of contact details. E-book offering will become a win-win situation for both.

Email in digital marketing treated as assets.




E-Book Benefits In Popularity.


If your content will be good enough then you will get huge popularity in a short period of time. Content is king techniques will start working for you.  You will see suddenly your website traffic increase to the maximum.




E-book Increase Credibility of Platform.


E-book increase your website credibility because you are providing something to your visitors. If visitors get benefit from your website then he will also give the benefits in return.

if visitors will share your content at any social media then you can’t imagine how much traffic you will be able to generate. Your website & blog traffic encourage Google Search to rank you on the first page. Visitors is everything for any website and blogs.

So still you have chance to make E-book and get maximum benefits. It won’t gonna suddenly disappear at all.

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