What Is Crawling & Indexing In SEO ? Understand The Process of Both by TryDigital.

What Is Crawling & Indexing In SEO ? Understand The Process of Both.

Understand The Process of Crawling & Indexing.

You have written an awesome article about something then how will the search engine will know about? How users get that data? How search engine show the results?

First of all search engine sent the bots and spider called crawler to a website to check that article and give me the completed information about it.

Once the search engine received the data from bots, feed into the database. Whenever a user asks for data relevant to your article then search engine show that in results.

The above whole process is called crawling and indexing in search engine, SEO, and digital marketing world.

Here the definition…

What Is Crawling?

What Is Crawling In SEO?

What Is Crawling In Search Engine?

What Is Crawling In Google Search Engine?

Answer of all the above questions and below all the answers are the same just wording is different so let’s understand in a simple way…

The process to check the website content or updated content and acquire the data send that to the search engine is called crawling.


Google search engine or any search engine sends its bot to check a website for data is called crawling.


The search engine gives instructions to its crawler (bots, spider) to go some specific website and check the content of the website and report the same to a search engine is called crawling.

What Is Indexing In Search Engine?

What Indexing?

What is Indexing in Google Search Engine

After the process of crawling search engines save that information to the database to give a search result when a user asks for such relevant data, so the process of saving the data for the search result is called indexing.

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