Startup Business Consultant In Kolkata For Legal Guidance & Marketing



Startup Business Consultant In Kolkata For Legal Guidance, Marketing  & Digital Marketing.


If you are planning to start a startup business in Kolkata, India then doesn’t be in a hurry. Must know the legal requirement and compliance and marketing strategy for the early stage of business. Get Startup Business Consultant In Kolkata For Legal Guidance & Marketing.


Startup business is crazy things for any entrepreneurs but what about legal compliance and another business strategy?

Do you have such level of experience to understand market trend?

Are you aware of all the legal liability?

Have you analyzed where to invest in marketing?


Sacrifices, adjustment all are good but one small mistake in startup and newly launched business will take you in danger zone.

You can handle the financial crisis, you can able to manage work slowdown but you can’t handle the legal compliances and marketing strategy alone.



How a Startup Business Consultant Helps You.


  1. Making full details Bplan for your business and as per experience, they will aware you about all the uncertain things in business.
  2. Guide you to choose the right business entity as per your business needs. Like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP &  PVT LTD.
  3. Help you to manage all the legal compliances.
  4. Guide you to decide the best marketing strategy (Traditional + Digital Both).
  5. Help you in capital and fund management.
  6. Guide you in fund acquisition in an arrangement like funding from an angel investor, VC either bank loans.
  7.  Help you all kinds of day to day business operation and changes in marketing operational strategy.


Note: Get Step By Step Guide To Register Sole Proprietorship Business At Free of Cost


Wy Choose TryDigital As A Startup Business Consultant In Kolkata.


  1. Highly experienced professional in startup and digital marketing.
  2. Working with CompSense Technology Private Limited A Startup Recognized company By Govt of India(DIPP).
  3. Managing other so many small businesses in Kolkata.
  4. Help you in all the legal terms and marketing.
  5. Keeping in mind of startup a future of India and Kolkata we have 500/- fees for 1 hour Session.
  6. We will guide you to business formation to marketing and digital marketing strategy.
  7. Aware you about all the legal liability and compliances
  8. Help you to understand fundraising from investors and banks.
  9. All-time support through call, WhatsApp and mail.
  10. Ask any issues at anytime opportunity.


To know more call & WhatsApp on 9903965087

Mail us requirement: [email protected]

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