search engine optimization, seo trends in 2020 by trydigital.

SEO Trends You Need to Know In 2020 | SEO Checklist For 2020.

SEO Trends You Need To Know In 2020. Here the Checklist For SEO Trends In 2020.


search engine optimization, seo trends in 2020 by trydigital.

User-Focused High-Quality Content Optimization.


Understand who your audience is and how they searching. Understand the intent behind the questions they are asking or problems they need to solve. Give them solutions or answers in the formats they prefer via on-point, quality, and authoritative content

Search Engine first and the most loved priority is fresh and genuine content. Always keep the user at first priority because your search engines are doing the same thing. It does not try to impress the search engines because of their priority to impress the people who searching for some content.

Write user intent content so search engine also loves to rank your content in front of the user. Don’t put keywords unnecessarily.

Trying to give some value from your content.  Do user-focused optimizations. Accuracy will be key factors for ranking at the search engine in 2020.

In general terms content affects everything in SEO. Content is king we heard earlier and it will continue. Try to avoid keyword stuffing and don’t copy the content structure from another well-known brand.



Use Synonyms & LSI Keyword.


The most useful factor to rank your website in a short period of time is to make content using synonyms. Keep in mind to use the LSI keyword.


Platform and Organization Trust Factor.


Companies or online platform who has a bad reputation due to any reason will face a hard time. The search engines won’t let them reach to there audience.

In simple terms like if you having the very bad reviews on google my business then how people will believe to take the services from your brand. The same way how a search engine ranks your platform and content.

In simple terms will you heart your customers and clients?

No then why are you expecting the search engine will compromise so be accurate whatever action you are taking. Avoid false commitment.

Try to achieve great reviews from a user at all the platform. A negative review doesn’t matter but your reply should justify the answer.



Focused on UX & Technical SEO.


UX stands for user experience. Make your website and app for better user experience for all angles. Keep technical SEO optimized. Here the example of the checklist.


Meta Tags






Mobile-Friendly Website.


Your first priority will be, make your website mobile-friendly. Make sure your website open accurately at all the device according to its shape.

The majority of searches are now happening from smartphones. Your website should be compatible with that. It can play an important role in SEO in 2020.



Page Speed.


Test your website at google page speed. Your website should load faster than ever before. Your website should load within 5 sec.

People don’t have patience at all. If your website takes time to load then the user left that and move to another result. It will impact your website ranking. It will bad sign for search engines about your platform.



Local Listing Optimization.


For business who provides local services, can list the business at  Google My Business. Keep updating the GMB. It will also help in SEO & Local SEO.

GMB helps search engines to understand your business and shows more accurate information about it.



Link From Other Sources.


Link building still working but not spamming of URL at all the platforms. Try to make content which will share by the user at all the platform. Make the content which is a link to another platform as a reference so now things is all about great content.

Link building helps if content will be up to user satisfaction. Try to take some well-reputed platform links. The guest post also is an ideal choice for you. This is one of the factors of SEO. If you don’t have doesn’t matter. Will rank, focused on value-adding.



Brand Visibility.


Brand visibility also called brand awareness. Focus on brand awareness because link building, on-page SEO, off-page SEO all is fine apart from that you should focus on brand awareness and reach.

If people are searching for your brand using the brand name at search engine then it will be a highly required signal got your website from search engine. It will build trust among the user, search engine and brand.

Increase brand visibility through blogging, video blogging, social media platforms.