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Online vs Offline Digital Marketing Course. Learn More & Choose Wisely


We know everyone looking for an accurate answer to online vs offline digital marketing course.  Both the mode of learning is great but depends on individual people so how we can differentiate that?

Let’s explore the concept of offline vs online at a few parameters and let see which one is better for you. After reading this article you will be able to choose itself.


Let’s compare the Online vs offline digital marketing course pros and cons.


Pros of An Online Course.

Comfort Zone: Once you opt for an online digital marketing course then you will have a comfort zone to get it done at as per your comfortable time. You can learn from any place and time.

Less costly: Another the most important thing is you will get the online course less costly compare to offline courses.

Lifetime Accesibilyt: With an online digital marketing course you will be getting the lifetime accessibility benefits because online videos will be with you.

Time-Saving: Online courses will save you time because you will not bound by any specific time.  You won’t travel.


Cons of An Online Course

Doubt & Query: You can’t ask your query in realtime, you can’t clear your doubt because the instructor won’t be available to give you the answer. We found that it’s the most frustrating thing about the online digital marketing course.

Guidence: Through online course no one gonna guide you at all. Sometimes guidence does matter. You can skip the lecture which is not entertaining but later that will make your self in doubt throughout the course.

Latest Update : You will miss the trending topics and update about digital platforms because all the courses have been recorded but at offline courses instructor will let you know because you are learning in realtime.

Placement Assistant: You will not get the placement assistant benefits.


Pros of Offline Course

Interaction : One to one interaction make learning more easy and comfortable from all the angles. Social interaction with other students also help you in so many ways like you will heard so many query from other learners and instructor will all answer.

Doubt and Query : You will be get all the answer of your query and doubt in realtime. You will get the faculty through the phone calls to help you out.

Latest Update : Instructor teach you at latest technology because it will be the live classes. Even you can ask the instructor about the changes in digital world.

Guidence Benefits: Somtimes great knowledge comes from great guidance. At offline courses instructor will guide you through the right path in career  and life because he has experience and also instructor interacting with so many students on regular basis.

Placement Assistant: Somehow you will get better placement assistant through offline course. Most of the institute make you industry ready through their interview sessions another activities related to that.


Cons of Offline Course

Costly: Yes! offline course is costlier than online course because of so many good reason. Live classes, social interaction, get all doubt clear in realtime, get guidence from highly experienced faculty.

Timing issues:  Just like online courses, you can’t start and stop your classes at any point of time. You will be found to attend the classes as per routine but sometimes it will help you to become a punctual person.

Course Period: Yes, if instructor will not come for few weeks for any reason then your classes will extend and you can’t do that anything. For example you have a 3 months course but some reason it will go up to 4 to 5 months.

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