What Is On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO | Which SEO Method Is Best For Your Business.


Do you know the power of On Page SEO & Off Page SEO? How powerful it is, How Important for our website and blog to rank on a search engine.




Search Engine Optimization is the process to bring leads for your business organically without spent on Ads. SEO  divided into two parts One Page & Off Page SEO.

You have a website is not enough now. Now website playing a vital role in lead generation through SEO services. People investing a huge amount of money on website making and Search Engine Optimization to bring the client to business organically without spending money on ads.

SEO is not a one day process, will have to experiments with keywords and another way.

Let’s begin


On-Page SEO By TryDigital.


On-Page SEO is the process to follow and it will help a website to rank high on search engine result. On Page SEO is very important for website search engine ranking.

On-Page SEO Process By TryDigital.



Well Written Website Title.


Use the keyword in website title so crawler will easily understand the website is all about. You heard before the first impression is the last impression so in the on-page SEO website title does matter the same way.



Well Written Meta Description Integration.


This one is the process of On-Page SEO services. Add eye-catching description including the keyword. After title f website crawler will go through the description of the website and also attractive description help your potential customer to take an action on your link.



Smart Integration of Heading Tags


The heading is the part of On-Page SEO. H1, H2, H3… Tags have meaning. If you will use these tags according to search engine algorithms then help your website to rank on the search engine. H1 tags are very important to implement on your website. Use H1 tag per page once. More than one H1 tags confuse crawler about your website. One H1 tag is enough then use H2, H3, H4, H5 etc.



Use Alt-Image Techniques.


Whenever you upload an image on your website or blog most rename and use your topics and keyword. Alt image also helps in On-page SEO process. The crawler also goes through the images & If found keyword relevant to title and description and h1 tag of website and blog then your website rank much higher. Bring lots of traffic organically.



Integration of Social Media Links In Website & Blogs.


Facebook, Twitter Linked & Other social media links on your blog and website helps in On-page SEO. Share content on a social media platform and see the result in a long time.



Keep Highly Friendly URL Structure.


TryDigital recommends your URL should be SEO friendly. Always keep the keyword in your website pages URL. Ignore numeric number from URL. Keyword base URL found very helpful for search engine optimizations.



Designe And Develop Responsive Website & Blog.


Response in the sense your website should be mobile friendly. People can easily navigate in mobile phones and page speed. If your website took lots of time to load then visitor leave your website. This factor also comes in On-Page SEO.


Off -Page SEO By TryDigital.


Off-page is the process like you have written amazing content about XYZ and some popular website link your website in an article that is called Off Page SEO process.


Off-Page SEO Process 



Follow-Backlink Creation.


A backlink is very important for Off-Page SEO.  Backlink creates a trust factor for search engine crawler. If other website started linking your content then google give high authority tag to your domain that’s play a vital role in the performance of the website.

Get good backlink is very tough now but there is another way to create a good backlink is Guest posting, Comment on other bloggers content, send a request to include your content, Content sharing on the social media platform.


Make High Domain Authority Using Off-Page Tricks.


Domain authority scale is  1 to 100. The search engine will give the number to your domain and they consider few factors which are.

How long your domain name is, How many backlinks you have, your content type, your website returning visitors, your website 404 pages.



Blessing of Social Media Platform In Off- Page SEO.


The social media platform is also parts of Off-Page SEO process. So keep share healthy content on all the platform.


So the conclusion is both do matter for better result. There is a dependency on each other so please keep your eyes on both the method of SEO.


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