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About Psychologist and Psychiatrist In Kolkata.


Psychologist In Kolkata & Psychiatrist In Kolkata. In mental healthcare space, there are mainly two kinds of specialists-Psychiatrist and Psychologist.


In addition to these, there are other divisions like Speech Therapist, Audiologist, Special Educators, Dance, and Movement Therapists and Councillors who deal with specific portions of the issue as per their domain expertise.



The Job of Psychologist and Psychiatrist In Kolkata.


While a Psychiatrist is a medically qualified physician and can prescribe medicines if the need arises.

A psychologist is not a medical doctor and relies on communicating with the patient along with  Therapy to diagnose and provide cure & relief to them. They cannot prescribe any medication.

It is a common practice in India to consider only Psychiatrists as Mental Healthcare Professionals since they are qualified in the medical profession.

The reality is that both psychologists and psychiatrists need to work in a synchronized manner to provide the optimum solution to the patient.



Treatment at Mindfully Yours.


Being able to create awareness of the need to reach out for Mental Health and Hygiene to seek professional help is the first aim of Mindfully Yours.

While the second is to provide an optimum advisory for mental health which includes any ancillary and related services connected thereto like YOGA, Physiotherapy, Educating the Mental Health.


List of Services

We help in diagnosing and early intervention for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia in children.

Hyperactivity, Slow Learning, Mobile Addiction.

Career Counselling

Drug/Substance Abuse.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Sleeping Disorder.

Self Enrichment of quality of life.

Suicidal Tendencies

Pre and Post Retirement Stress and subsequent Engagement.

Grieving Counselling

Pre and Post Marital Issue Resolution.

YOGA for Fitness and Cure.



Why Choose Mindfully Yours.


Empathetic and Prompt scheduling of Appointment with relevant domain expert with a minimum waiting period.

Impanelled Professionals equipped to  Deal and Heal with the client in an optimum manner from within for a more permanent and long-lasting impact.

Both options –Online and Offline available for consultation depending on client convenience.

Economic and affordable Terms of Services.

Post Therapy engagement with clients continue since we believe the Therapy Session Ends but the Relationship with the client continues.

Striving to improve the quality of our services based on client feedback and other inputs.



How a Psychologist Helps You.


Organize and arrange the thought process and line of thinking of the client based on inputs and professional expertise to devise the solution therefrom rather than creating a fresh new solution.

Empathetic Non-judgemental listening.

Reflect the positive components from the client’s narrative to evolve a solution.



Benefits of Psychological Counselling.


The client gets confidence that his views will not be judged but listened to.

The clarity of thought can emerge after the sessions so that the client can focus on the solution rather than the problem. Hence the client can have load taken off his mind for the clarity of thought and focus.

The client will be able to devise a solution to his problem on his/her own thereby increasing his confidence in himself & herself.

Many times medicines given for ailments work better when the client has a clear understanding of his mind.

what is really happening since the acceptance of the medication is pronounced with the counseling.

The peaceful and happy mind which he can share with others making them feel good as well thereby making the world a better place to live.


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Address: Ground Floor, 1/1, Dover Ln, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Phone: 098303 52795

Web: Mindfully Yours

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