List of Most Affected Small Businesses Due To Lockdown & CoronaVirus in india by trydigital.

List of Most Affected Small Businesses In India By LockDown & COVID19

We all know the pandemic situation in India and how Govt of India handling the coronavirus situations. Lockdown is going on in the whole country and small businesses are getting affected very badly. Today we will explore the List of Most Affected Small Businesses In India By LockDown & COVID19

To know more about COVID-19- MOHFW.GOV.IN

Without wasting the time one other thing let’s come to the article goal and let’ explore the List of Most Affected Small Businesses In India By LockDown & COVID19

Unorganized Food Restaurant

An unorganized food restaurant means a Food restaurants on the footpath are getting badly affected by coronavirus and lockdown.

Offices and factories are closed completely then who will visit the restaurants to eat. inorganized food restaurant count in small businesses category.

Tea Stalls

Yes! most of the Indians rely on tea stalls in India. Tea is special for every Indians. Tea stalls are closed all around the country to maintain social distancing and we thought it is another small business that is most affected by a coronavirus.

Mobile Repairing Shop

Mobile repairing shops also get affected by this pandemic CoronaVirus. Most of the youngster who has skills in mobile repairing now making a good enough money from it. Lockdown & COVID19 totally destroyed these sectors.

Computer Repair Shop

Computer shop owners also become jobless due to coronavirus and lockdown. Laptop & Desktop repairing skills and this kind of store mostly run by individual people that’s why count in small business segments.

Local Passengers & Transport

Toto, Auto , Taxi, Small Commercial Vehicle are also affected by Lockdown and coronavirus. They are now not operating because of restrictions from GOVT to maintain social distancing.

Vehicles Repairing Shop

Bike, Taxi, Toto repairing, and servicing sectors also affected by coronavirus and lockdown. They are not allowed to open the store.


They are not allowed to venture out outside to take pictures or visit offices. Somehow their business also affected with the lockdown and coronavirus.

Event Planner

Most of the event planner in India is still belongs to a small business category and they are highly get affected with this CoronaVirus and lockdown.

All Other Small Stores

Only essential services are allowed in the country. Garments, shoes, stationery stores doesn’t come under the essential and emergency services. Somehow it’s affecting all the small businesses around the nations

Primary Private Schools

A person who is running a very small primary school are also getting affected by lockdown and coronavirus.

Private Tuition Centre

Right now schools and colleges are closed for along time and also lockdown is going on then who will come for tuitions and if they will not come then who will pay for it.

Individual Tutors

Lockdown block the path of individual tutors who will teach students at their homes. They are not allowed to go and teach during the such pandemic situations.

Salon & Beauty Parlours

This is also not counted in essential and emergency services at all so somehow it is also getting affected by lockdown and coronavirus.


GOVT talking all the steps which are required to stop the pandemic to spread. We also support the initiative from started give and central and this is our sole opinion. #LearnFromAmerica

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