Let’s Discuss About Online Reputation Management | How to Handle A Reviews!

Today we will discuss Online Reputation Management | How to handle the customer reviews on Online Platforms.



Online Reputation Management is kind of services & process which is managed by the company to make the healthy online presence of the brand at all the platforms.

Services include make a profile on all leading online platform, ask the customer for feedback and reply to all the feedback in a great manner even on negative feedback, answer a query about your services & product on the estimated period of time.


In 2019 customer feedback playing a vital role in attracting the new customer & retain the old one also. Manage your presence online is now include in your regular services.


Business who doesn’t have a great presence & reputation at online social media platform & other platforms then the business will lose the market day by day.


Now in 2019 your startup and any establish business success depends on online reputation. The customer won’t be going take action until & unleash he will be sure about your brand. Customer will start looking for reviews of your brand at all the possible platform.


If you have an online presence or you don’t have & have an online presence with negative reviews but didn’t find convincing approach from business executive then you will lose a customer in all the scenario.


So let’s analyze how to make a great online presence and how to manage positive & negative feedback in a few steps.



Make Profile On Every Platform.


First work to do to manage online reputation program is make your brand profile at all the possible platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google My Business, & Another popular directory like Justdial, Indiamart, ETC.


Be Active At All The Platforms.


Have a brand online presence at all the platforms then be activated to respond to any query and feedback on time. The late response will also affect your online reputation. Late respond indicate that no one cares about the feedback and query of the customer. The brand valuation will be decrease day by day.

Give Polite Response to All The Feedback.


Always reply promptly and very politely to every customer for positive and negative reviews. If you give a simple reply to the positive feedback that fine but not ok with negative feedback.

Take the negative feedback as legal notice by Govt body. Give very kind response to any issues. Take time from customer, Ask for issues, do contact through telephone, Trying to understand the issues.

Because if another customer finds the negative feedback then he will also go through your response on it. If he will found that company does concern about customer issues then surely he will go head either get back.


Never Neglect To Reply To Positive Feedback.


Most of the executive neglect the positive feedback but as per our recommendation never do that. Always reply in a polite manner to positive feedback. It will increase the credibility of the brand and also help you in marketing.


Apologize At Early Stage.


Apologize at an early stage of conversations to make customer relief to wait and give you a time to investigate.  This process helps other visitors to feel confident about your brand.

Discuss The Issues With Your Executive Who Has Been Handling The Operation.


Never compromise with this situation, Never take it lightly at all. We as a company recommend you to take a strict action on it whoever will be the culprit.


It will give benefits in a long time, the first benefit is company executive will give 100% at his job to make customer satisfaction and another benefit is your brand loyalty will increase for the customer because you care about it.


Resolve Issues On Imidate Basis.


If found issues with your services and product then say sorry at the same platforms and ask for some time to resolve and give result to the customer.

If found issues with customer side then also say sorry for the inconvenience but make the customer aware about issues in a polite manner with proof so he will understand and other visitors will be also.



Conclusion Of The Opinion & Solutions.


A mistake in business operations is common even very common but how you are handling the same after does matter.

No possible for every business to make happy every customer but as a brand, your approach protocol should be the same for all customer.

Why special because might be he doesn’t like your services but some other customers will come to after seeing your approach towards that customer bad experience.

As per our opinion, the biggest mistake of any brand will be in 2019 to not a response to the visitor’s query and positive and negative feedback.

We are requesting you to share your opinion about Online Reputation Management Services, comment below to let us know what needs to be included in topics.

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