Learn Best Possible Way To Earn Money From Blogging In 2019 For New Blogger.


Earning From Blogging, Earning From Blogging, Earning From Blogging. Why This Is Trending All Around Now?



Any person who just started blogging a 10 days ago and having an only 5 posts on the platform now he is looking for “What Are The Best Possible Way To Earn Money From Blogging In 2019 For New Blogger”.


In 2019 blogging become a full-time profession and best way to earn good enough money. Start blogging either start any other online business in 2019 can make your dream fulfill.


A question arises how will we earn money from the initial stage of blogging. What are the best ways to get enough traffic to convert it into the money-making machine?

This can’t be done overnight as we all know any profession can’t give you overnight success except a few.


Few things must consider before reach to solutions and conclusions.


Keep a few things in mind blogging is a passion, not habits to adopt. Just for money, you can’t enjoy writing a whole day, you won’t enjoy studying the whole day to make some worthful content for your visitors.


You will get frustrated when you are publishing a great content but no one coming at your blog to see and go through it. You feel irritating and this is the truth and no one gonna share the irritation of yours.


Influencer speeches influence you to start blogging today and earn from tomorrow. An influencer will encourage you to take a risk, make some hard decision, leave your job and start your own.


As per our experience don’t leave your fulltime job at early. Start slowly but smoothly. Write some post whenever getting the time and publish on your sites. Share the content on all the social media sites to see what exactly happens.


Check your self that you are enjoying or not. If not and writing just for money then don’t waste your hard earned money and time.




Let’s See How We Can Monetize Our Blogs At An Early Stage.



Monetization Tools Number No 1- Google Adsense


If you are getting 10 visitors a day and have a 10 to 15 well post in the blog then instantly apply for Adsense because now in 2019 getting approval from Adsense is the toughest job for anyone.

Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your Website & Blogs. You will be able to make good money in the initial stage for blogging but keep updating your blog regular and publish good content.

Adsense has a some highly restricted policy in 2019 and you will have to follow. Even we got 11 times rejection from Adsense because of scrapped content.

We had a 100 published post in our blog when we got the rejection. It was very difficult for us to go through all the post we published and check for the reason they were given.

So as per recommendation must apply for early so you can easily modify the blog content if they reject for some reason.



Amazone And Others  Affiliate Link To Monetize.


Another best way to monetize is to use affiliate links on your website and blog.  Become an affiliate partner of Amazon, Bluehost, Site ground, Wix etc to monetize.

When you put the links on your blog and other social media page and someone clicks and buy anything from your link then you will get a commission from it.

Every platform has its own policy to reward. Go through all affiliate partner faq and check out the payment and other useful pieces of information.


Monetize With BidVertiser ( Alternate of Adsense).


If you are not getting approval from Adsense then there is another best way to monetize your blog and website is Bidvertiser platform.

They are trustworthy to start with. They use the same pattern as Adsense. If someone not getting approval and got banned by Adsense then this is another best options for them.


Monetize With Sell Your Own Product and Services.


You can start selling your own products and service if you have like Website designing and development, Logo designing, Content writing services ETC.

Even you can sell your own e-book if have and working on it.

Monetize With Consultancy Services.


Write great content, publish regular content and make your self 0r brand so popular using social media platforms. Using these techniques you & your brand will become an influencer for others. People will come to you for consultancy in your niche.

Consultancy service has a bright future.



Online Self  E-book Selling.


At the early stage of the blogging business, you won’t get much traffic to sponsored other product but you can do that your self.


Make highly useful an E-Book and sell it online to your visitors at the lowest cost. Who knows if your book becomes popular then you will get huge traffic and recognizations.


Despite all the above solutions. Dear all visitors once you will get huge traffic then there are so many ways to earn money like sponsored someone product and services, sale space on your website and blog, take fees for guest posting from others at your blog for promotions, Affiliate Link on your blog and website, become mentor, become speaker.


All the above tricks depends on your popularity and popularity will come from your content writing and how worthful your platform for others.


Always do good work without much thinking about money and way of earning money. Once people started loving your platform then money will automatically follow you.

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