Know Dark Truth About Content Writing, Scraped Content And Adsense Rejection.


Let’s Explore About Content Writing, Scraped Content, Adsense Rejection Due To Scraped Content. How to Remove Scraped Content And Get Adsense Approval.



Let’s Explore About The Dark Truth Behind The Content Writing And Scraped Content.



Now you can see everyone claiming that he is the best content writer and he can write content at the cheapest rate. Get well-written content in 4 hours and all.

Once we started our journey to look for great content writers. We found lots of writers who have been quoting the price like 100 words at 2 thousand, Someone quote 1k word for 6 hundred only.

We have chosen both kinds of writer.  We have seen that both deliver a great SEO friendly content and we took and published on our site.

We published around 60 to 70 post.  At the initial level, we got some traffic from different places. Got a traffic 40 visitors a day.

Now we thought to apply for Google Adsense to get approval for future earning.

The result was hilarious simply awesome. We got 11 rejection and all are due to our content.

All the content scrapped and plagiarism. Now we look at the issues on the internet someone suggests to check with some online tools.

We found 70% of content are copied from the other published platform. It was our mistake to blindly believe.

Now we write a content itself or by our own team. We check content more than 10 times to make sure all the content should be scrapped free.



Why Adsense Approval For Website And Blogs Becoming One of The Hardest Things to do? Let’s Start.

Google Adsense changing its algorithm very rapidly due to unethical use. They are working very hard to make an advertisement environment scam free and healthy for both genuine advertiser and Ads publisher.

Google made lots of changes in the last 5 years. They banned lost of the platform who are using the scraped content like copied content from other sites.

Invalid clicks for monetization, unwanted email to increase ctr on ads to earn money and all the violation as per Google Ads Policy.

We highly recommend people to don’t be in a hurry to make a million dollars in a few months. Work on your content makes your own content to publish on your website and blog.

Copy from other sources is highly prohibited now. Work hard to do honest work on your content and you will be rewarded for it.

There are unlimited website and blog who got a rejection from Adsense while applying for approval.  We are also one of them.

We got more than 11 times rejections while applying for the first time due to scraped content.

Then what are the solutions to not get banned and get rejections Adsense.


Solutions Are to Avoid Google Adsense Rejections Due to Scraped Content. 


What will you do once you get disapproval from Adsense due to scraped content and you have already written and published more than 50 posts in your platform?

To be very honest it will hurt you. You will have to go through the whole platform to check where Google found a scraped content.

You will have to go through manual checking. We also went through the same pain for more than 10 times and finally got the approval.



Here The Basic Concepts And Tips To Get Adsense Approval.



Content Should be Unique & Plagiarism Free.


Why the selection of your niche does matter?  Now you can understand because in your niche you will able to produce your original content because you belong to that subject. You will be able to share your experience and that will be people loves to explore.

Content writing is not a joke. Copy from other sources either copy and do a little modification and published on the blog won’t help you.

Copied and modified content also treated as scraped content.



Check Content Before And After Published.


Just finished your writing either got an Adsense rejection due to inventory: scraped content. Then go to online check your content to make plagiarism free.

There are the best tools, generally we use for our platform and for clients is Prepostseo Chrome Extension. 

Download the extension install in chrome. Select the content and right click on it check for plagiarism. In these tools, signup is mandatory for multiple time checking.

Signup is free and you will be able to check 1000 words at free of cost. If you have more than 1000 words in one article then split into the two parts and check.

Prepostseo will help you to find scraped content.



Should Have These Pages At Website And Blog In Any Situation.


Your Blog and Website should have About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Disclaimer to get fast approval from Adsense.

In the about us, the section doesn’t copy any content from another website. Don’t be in a hurry, make your original content. Share all the things about you and your brand in about Us Page.

Write policy and disclaimer about your brand and keep that page at home page in the footer section.



Use of Title And Description In Blog Post.


Most of the new blogger make mistake while choosing a Title And Description of a particular post. Because in the Title & Description section you will have to use keyword in the attractive sentence in 60 characters for both visitors and Google crawler to rank and increase CTR.

Most of the time we found blogger use the title & descriptions which already used by another one. Because everyone wants to use a highly popular keyword in title to rank higher on a search engine. So always whenever you choose tile for your blog keep in mind to check with plagiarism tools.


There is no rocket science to get approval from Adsense. Simply avoid violation of Adsense policy. Keep Content Writing, Blogging & Advertisement Ecosystem healthy.

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