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Is Your Job Safe During The Lockdown And After The Lockdown ?

Are you worried about your job and salary during the pandemic COVID-19 or lockdown? If not then you should worry about it because the situation becoming very pathetic all around the world. Maybe you are underestimating because everything seems good from outside but businesses are suffering a lot & going through a tough time. Today we will explore about Is Your Job Safe During The Lockdown And After The Lockdown?

We are going to tell you some facts about the market and economy condition in lockdown and COVID-19 then decide your self and prepare for the worst.

We hope nothing will happen to your job but take your every step by carefully during such a crisis.

Here the few industry and sectors which are most affected by CoronaVirus and chances are there to lose the jobs.

There are so many factors, Let’s see the factors and analyze itself about “Is Your Job Safe During The Lockdown And After The Lockdown”


Lockdown extending, there are no certainties. Businesses become non-operational from more than 1.5 months and what are you expecting from market and business?

How business will pay the fixed cost after all. Most of the business are operating on bank loans in India. How they will survive after the situation become more worst.

If lockdown will be withdrawn shortly but how to give demand will create in the market. how market sentiment will recover from such pandemic.

Let’ explore step by step in this article, Let’s see the lockdown and coronavirus impact on business and find out Is Your Job Safe During The Lockdown And After The Lockdown?


Excepts for FMCG, Pharmacy all the industries are getting down even a few sectors are not able to do single transaction during the lockdown.

Every businesses are dependable on each other if someone business is nonoperational then it will affect the so many business who is dependent on him.

No Visibility

There is no visibility when the pandemic will end, there is no visibility when the life of common people come to normal mode.

This is a hopeless situation for everyone and not getting positive feedback from anywhere at all. All around the world are going through the similar kind of pandemic.

Liquidity Issues

Everything is shutdown then how liquidity flow in the market and as we can see the situation after the lockdown people will focus to save the money for future and expanding power will reduce that cause short of liquidity in the market for sure.

People LifeStyle

People’s lifestyles will change completely and now spending capacity will reduce and ultimately sales, revenue, and liquidity will decrease in the market then how the business will keep and operate the business with the same strength.

No choice left for businesses to stop layoff. Somehow overall economy will face crisis then how you can be sure about your job so always be prepared for worst.

Products Unavailability

In the business, we don’t make each and every product itself so we do a tie-up with other brands to import that product and service for completion of ongoing operation.

Right now the situation is different and product import and export are highly affected by COVID-19 & lockdown. Most of the products in India imported from China and another country. If your business totally depends on your imported product then you will have face trouble.

Labour Unavailability

After such a long lockdown most of the labour are returning to their hometown by anyway and they won’t come for a long time because they are afraid of this situation.

Unavailability of labour affect very badly a industry sectors. Somehow if your job falls in such industry then there are chance to lose the Job because production won’t resume until and unleash labour will come on full phase.

Above are the reason which will help you decide how long your job is safe. If your company not going through such issues and crises then congratulations your job s safe.