Is it Good Idea to Start Startup Business In 2019? Step By Step Guide For New Startups!


A really great step to start a startup business in 2019 but few things keep in mind before starting a new venture.



This is the right time to fly high with your unique & innovative startup business ideas. Now people are welcoming all the startup business in the market. Today we talked about why start & why not start startups business in 2019.

If your business plan is up to mark you will succeed. Keep your business plan updated and filled with all the details for the future analysis.


You heard lots about startup failure and all. Do you know why startup’s entrepreneurs failed? because they made a business plan according to their needs. They want a cool startup tag on their head. But If you are truly passionate about your venture then make a business plan according to market conditions.


List all the positive and negative side of the business. Most important thing must include in B-plan is an exit plan . Exit plan sounds crazy but must write in brief.


Nowadays startup business becomes a fancy word for people. Everyone wants a tag of startup and become a cool guy. One of the worst reality is people never tell you the dark side of a startup business.


You heard about lots of successful stories but you don’t know how they achieved. If you want a startup tag with you then don’t go ahead. The startup is not a one day process and also you won’t get overnight success but you will lose everything overnight.


We don’t have any intention to demolishing you but trying to aware you about the truth behind the new venture also called startup business.



Today we are going to explore why start & why not start a startup business in 2019. Step by step guide by TryDigital.


Why Start A Startup Business In 2019.


1. People welcoming new venture and their product & services.

2 Easy to reach. Start opinion campaign.

3. People are looking for services or product online.

4. Easily market the product through digital marketing services.

5. You can start a business with low capital.

6. Help country in job creation.

7. Easily get funding from banks and investor if the business proposal has the potentiality.

8. Easy to make legal entity.

9. Start operation from day one.

10. Practical & Self-learning benefits.

11. If you will succeed then you can fulfill all your dreams.

12. If not successful then you will earn lots to start your career again.




Why Not Start A Startup Business In 2019.



1.  Huge competition from another player.

2. People buying options.

3. The low-profit margin on sales & services.

4. Time-consuming to get the expected result.

5. Marketing Budget & Planning is hard to do at the initial level.

6. Hard to find good c0-founder.

7. In most of the cases, co-founder left you in the middle.

8. If found good investor at beginning bit they are understood your idea and ambition then might be they also moved on anytime.

9. Founders stopped updating the business plan.

10. Most of founders and partners make a short goal for a startup business. They want to be successful from day one and they start dreaming to buy BMW in 2 years.



There are a few steps must take before start business in full phase.



1. Idea validation(Run a feedback & opinion program).

2. B-plan Validation.

3.Business Promotions & Marketing Planning.

4. Legal entity selection.

5. Get an idea about another source of Funding.

6. Hired a smart executive to do multitasking.

7. Wisely choose operation Location selection.

8. All partners mutual agreement and opinion.

9. Make the safest exit plan.

10. Don’t take all responsibility alone if have a co-founder. Like loans, ETC.

11. Don’t make a short goal for your startup success.  The short goal only recommended for marketing planning.


We highly recommend to start your own, give a 100% effort and make your dream come true. For any support and guidance, you can reach us at 9903965087. We will feel happy to help you at any step of your startup.


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