Important Things We Should Keep In Mind While Start Blogging As Full Time Profession.


Which Are Important Things We Should Keep In Mind While Thinking to Start Blogging As a Full-Time Profession?



Now we can see blogging is the major subject in the Digital Marketing Course offered by the well known reputed institute.

Most of the working professional choosing it as a primary job to begin a new career. Blogging has a great future an ahead.

All the above is true but few things we should keep in mind while starting a career in blogging in 2019.



Let’s Discuss Step By Step What Are The Things We Should Keep In Mind While Choose To Start Full-Time Career In Blogging.



Choose Right Domain With Good Hosting Provider.


Your domain should have less word and unique. Try to get a domain which has a keyword like us “”. We have a digital word in the domain and our website belongs to digital marketing.

Don’t buy a cheap and less costly hosting at an early stage of blogging. Don’t buy hosting from the unknown hosting service provider.

Before choosing the hosting plan make sure about the hosting provider online. Check reviews and especially a negative review because in the negative review you will get the right idea about.

Choose The Righ Niche to Start.


Your blogging niche does matter lots. It will play a vital role in your success and failure. In this scenario don’t follow other successful blogger niches.



Huge Competition From Other Sources.


In 2019 you will get a tough competition from another successful blogger and other sources like youtube and other forums.

Be ready for such things in the future also. You will have to be future ready always. Blogging and online business are rapidly changing.


Won’t Get Overnight Success.


Most seen misconception about blogging is other bloggers success. Suddenly you see someone become too famous just writing content.

Now you started the same and start working planing for the same profession as full time. We are not saying don’t dream it but don’t follow blindly to other success.

if you believe that you can make better for society through your blog. If you will solve someone issues then go ahead. Please just for money earning we don’t recommend at all. Further your choice and your opinion about it.



Won’t Get Traffic From Day One Either In Few Months.


At the early stage of business, you won’t get huge traffic. Even you won’t get traffic to satisfy your self. I know you will be work too hard to make useful content but no one come to your blog to read it and give the opinion about the writing.

You will get very tough competition from another successful blogger from your niche. You will have to think differently.

In this kind of profession, your thinking approach does matter a lot. Blogging is all about thinking about the approach and some static data.



Make Sure  You Don’t have A Dependency.


Dependency in the sense you don’t have loans and EMI system in regular life to maintain. Once you start your career as a full-time blogger then another source of income will be stopped.

Blogging takes a lot of time to get monetize and fulfill your basic needs.



Make Another Source Of Income Along With Blogging.


Blogging is a long process to get income from it. You won’t gonna monetize at all from 3rd months. Another source of income means starts a part-time job to full your basic needs.

A part-time job helps you to keep calm and be without any headache to write a great article for your visitors.



Make Sure You Have Content Writing Skills To Make Awesome Article.


Before leaving your current job and entering into the new career of blogging the make sure you will be able to write great content in any language.

Content writing is an art and boring works for other people. If you are following someone who is making great money from blogging that’s why you want to start then won’t gonna work for you.



Know Your Self That You Has a Passion To Help Others.


Blogging is not for you if you’re coming for just money because after writing a 5 to 10 post you will feel boring and frustrated.

Frustration means you will not get any traffic at an early stage of blogging and you will feel disappointment.  Keep in mind start blogging to help others then you will be enjoying the writing the great content.



Must Have A Patient In Blogging Industry.


You should have a patient to get success on a profession like blogging and any internet related work. You won’t gonna overnight success.

Peron who got overnight success is exceptional. Percentage of that kind of people is less.



Marketing Strategy For New Profesional As Blogger.


If your content is good, your platform is good, your hosting is perfect but your marketing strategy for promotions of blog and website does lots a matter.

Famous bloggers say give 20% effort on content publishing and 80% on content sharing and promotions.

So Above all the things keep in mind while starting a career as a full-time profession. Thank you for your support and comment in advance. We also encourage our readers to comment below to let us know what needs to improve in this article.


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