How To Know My Website & Blog Traffic ? Website Traffic Monitoring Tools For Free.


Wants to check your website traffic? Are you very keen to know where the traffic is coming from? See the full statistics for free.



There are so many tools to check your website, few are free and few are paid services to use. Today we will talk about all the aspects of website traffic and tools to check traffic

Nowadays everyone wants to increase their website traffic because the potential customer is now looking for product & services online & also your brand become very popular.


We highly recommend Google Analytics Tools. Best and totally free tools by Google. There is a process to implement google analytics on your website.


Integrate Best Monitoring Google Analytics Tools.


Google analytics is freeware software by Google to check website performance. Through these tools, you can go through each aspect of the website. Using these tools you can check who is on your website right now like live monitoring can be done.


Benefits of Google Analytics Setup.


Real-time monitoring ( Active User Right Now).


This is one of the best features of Google Analytics to monitor how many people are currently on the website. Where are from them. What are they doing? Which page is navigating. ETC.


Google Ads Monitoring At Free Of Cost Fro One Place.


Even you can able to add Google Ads in your analytics to see the result from one place. Add Google Ads In Analytics through Admin Panel. You will be able to check which keyword is performing at what cost. Will get depth knowledge about Ads performance.


Get Know Your Traffic Sources.


Easily get an idea about traffic source Like traffic coming from Facebook or Twitter or organically. According to report work on your weak part of the strategy.


Get To Know Your Visitors Location.


Get user location means to know from which place of visitors is visiting your website and blogs. Like from which location you get most of the traffic( India, Us, England ETC).


Goal Setup Features Help Achieve Your Goal Of Business.


You can set up the goal like you have multiple landing pages then you can set the goal to measure the success of landing pages. This setup is very important for your campaign success and failure measurement.


You will get many more features than above we have written. To get full features setup analytics account and see the features. We are assured this is one of the best free tools to use and measure the result.



How to Setup Google Analytics Account With Website & Blog?


To know more about setup then go through the below links, this is official links of google analytic setup.

Google Analytics Setup-Get started with Analytics



There are so many other tools to check your website traffic and position. Let check!

  1. SE Ranking
  2. SimilarWeb 
  3. Alexa
  4. SEMRush




These tools are paid one. In the free edition, you won’t get many features. Even you can measure the success of your blog and website.

Paid services have lots of features but for a startup and small business, this will be not the perfect move. For agency and other business can afford to buy. We highly recommended Google Analytics over these applications for startup and small business, freelancer, students.


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