How to Start Business In Kolkata | How to Start Business In Howrah

This is good for a plan to start a business in Kolkata and Howrah.


Let’s see the basic requirement for starting a business in Kolkata and Howrah city.



Starting a business is a good sign for all citizens of the city and Govt of West Bengal but few things keep in mind while starting a business. Step by step guide for How to Start Business in Kolkata & Howrah.

As we can see all the state govt & central govt focusing on self-employment for a better economy and bright future of city and country in the coming years.

All the govt are promoting the MSME sector because all we know country feature totally depends on new entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

All states working on to make ease of doing business in the city for all. Now loan and credit facility also optimizing for the MSME sector.

Now Govt trying to promote the MSME businesses in the right direction and providing the all type to scheme to startup businesses.



Let’s Start  Business In Kolkata With Few Simple Steps.

You needed so many licenses and rules to do the business in kolkata but today we will talk about the basic and compulsory legal requirement to start a business in kolkata and Howrah.



Choose The Business Type


If you have already decided the business type then great either choose the right business type does lots of matter because all the formalities and legal requirements depend on it.

Choose the business to type very wisely. Business type like a Services Sector, Manufacturer, Finance, ETC.



Company Formation


Most of the business founder and new entrepreneurs failed to choose the right company formation type. The type of company formation will help you in a long time.  Type of company formation is mentioned below



Sole Proprietorship Business 

This kind of business started by a single person. This kind of business doesn’t have any legal entity because this kind of business belongs to its owner so suitable for small businesses.

Just need a pan, aadhar to start sole proprietorship business in kolkata & Howrah. Obtain an MSME certificate at free of cost to know more in details visit below links.

To know More Visit How to start sole proprietorship business in kolkata and legal liability


Partnership Business

If you have a 2 and more then 2 partners and don’t want a much legal liability and compliances then start partnership business. Suitable for small businesses with multiple partners.


Limited Liability Partnership

If you have a  more then one partner and wants to start a business as a legal entity with fewer compliances them LLP is will be perfect.

In LLP you will be recognized as a legal entity and your information will be recorded with govt and anyone will be able to know about the business through the MCA portal.

This the best way to start a business if you have a great business plan and team along with capital. Your business get legal entity benefits.

Stable for all kind of business but consultant your legal advisor and business consultant before getting started. LLP has a few compliances to follow annually.

Startup Business Consultant In Kokata


One Person Company

If you are managing the business alone but want your business to the legal entity then start OPC. It has legal compliances so before getting started please do contact with the Business consultant in kolkata


Private Limited Company

If you want to start a large scale business with multiple partner and investor and wants to raise huge fund from investors and another financial institute then this is the highly preferred legal entity for all.

Private Limited has huge compliances and you can’t ignore it because of a huge penalty. If your business plan is very strong and you have sufficient team and capital then go ahead but must consultant once to a business consultant to understand all about the Private Limited formation.


Public Limited Company

For this kind entity, you should contact the business consultant who deals in public limited company. We don’t have any suggestion for this.

Our intention to aware you all the kind of company formation. To know more and much about all please do contact with Business Consultant In Kolkata



Apply For PAN Card


If you starting a Partnership, LLP, PVT LTD & Public Limited company then apply for a business pan card. For sole proprietorship, the individual pan card is enough to start a business.



Apply For Trade License.


Start any business in West Bengal you must have to obtain the trade license to do the business. Trade license is a basic requirement to do a trade-in Kolkata and Howrah city.

The documents required for trade license is different for each kind of business registration like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, PVT LTD & Public Limited.

Basics requirements for Private Limited, OPC & LLP: Company PAN, Company Registration Certificate, Address Proof like rent receipts, electricity bill, tax receipt, etc & Declaration in Form DIR 12 & INC 22.

For Sole Proprietorship Business: Individual Pan, AAdhaar, MSME Certificate(Optional), Address Proof like rent receipts, electricity bill, tax receipt, etc.

For Partnership the same as sole proprietorship including the partnership dead.

Further depends on the type of business like for restaurants there are so many documents that need to be produced.



Apply For Professional Tax Enrolment

After the trade license, you should have a PTax Enrolment Certificate to start a business in Kolkata and Howrah.



Current Account Opening For Business

For current account opening for business purpose in any bank in kolkata, you will have to produce a company proof, Trade License, and PTax copy.



Conclusion of How to Start Business In Kolkata & Howrah.


Starting a business in kolkata and Howrah is not a tough job. There are so many ways to start a business in kolkata. Above are the mandatory & basic licenses which are needed to be obtained to start businesses. It further depends on the nature of business and a special license.


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