How To Secure My WordPress Website And Blog From Hacker And Spammer ?


Today We Will Talk About How To Secure Our Website And Blogs From Hackers And Spammers| We Will Be Discuss About All The Possible Ways to Secure Website And Blogs.



Your startup, small business and any business reputation are now online. Your Website And Blogs are the most important key factor for your business success and failure so how we can make it much secure.

As per recent data, WordPress has 33% of market share in online web presence so it is good to deal for hackers to hack some innocent business and blogger website and ask them money to keep the website it was before.

Now in 2019 online reputation does lots matter compare to offline. If any visitors will feel that the website doesn’t have worth to visit then it will literally decrease our credibility. Single visitors does matter for business and blogger at the early stage of business and blogging.



Generally, the user asked us is it a good idea to start with WordPress? Is it safe to build an online presence with WordPress?



Our answer to this question is “Yes”.



But See The Another Result And Report.


We are going to tell you some darkest truth about WordPress Website and Blogs which will be shocked you literally.

Infected-websites-platform-distribution-for-2018 By TryDigital


So today we will learn about how we will secure our WordPress  Website And Blogs from hackers and spammers.

Keep Backup of Your Website Always to Secure WordPress Website.


We always recommend to all the Website and Blogger owner to keep the backup of sites despite all the solutions to secure your website.

If you have a backup of a file then in worst scenario you will be able to restore so you won’t gonna lose anything but if you don’t have a backup of the site then you will be losing everything.

Take regular backup of your Website and Blog. Nothing is sure and everything is sure to take a decision very wisely.



Choose The Highly Rated And Well known Hosting For Your Site.


Don’t make mistake to save money on while purchasing the good hosting for your website and blogs. If save few amounts today but it will decrease your overall revenue for years. Even you can’t be imaging how much you lose indirectly.

While choosing to make sure that hosting provider has a good reputation and have good reviews on the internet.



Use SSL Certificate In Your Website And Blogs to Secure WordPress Website And Blog.


Don’t use HTTP instead of https at all. https website will be much and more secure than HTTP. The secure website also helps you in ranking and get huge website traffic from search engine because search loves the secure website.



Must Installed Latest Version of WordPress And Plugins To Secure WordPress Blog.


We highly recommend to all Website And Blogs owners to use the latest version of CMS to secure. In the latest version of the website, they use the patches to secure your website.

In case of plugins make sure your all plugins are updated and you are using the updated one to secure the website and blogs



Use The Latest PHP Version For Your WordPress Website And Blogs.


Use the latest version of PHP to make your website much secure. PHP is the backbone of WordPress website and blogs so always keep in mind to use the latest one.

According to the PHP official report, you won’t get support for any stable version of PHP more than 2 Years. They only provide 2 years of support for any stable version of PHP.

Very interesting facts is stat from WordPress.org, about 71.8% of the WordPress website is using outdated PHP. So we found this is another reason for hacking and spamming.



Change Login URL of Your Site In WordPress to Secure.


Must change dashboard admin panel default URL to your customize URL using the WP-Hide login plugin. It will also help you to reduce the chances of hacking your website.



Use Complex Password In your Admin Login to Secure Website.


Don’t use the regular and less secure password to operate an admin panel of your website. The complex and unique password also help you to keep your website away from Hackers and Spammers.

For an example of Simple Password: Admin123 or [email protected]

Strong password: [email protected]#11



Change The Default User Name Admin To XYZ to Secure WordPress Website And Blog.


Another best way to protect your website is to change the default user name ADMIN. You have two options either rename the default user either delete it.

Before deleting the admin make sure you have created another user with administrative rights to perform all the actions without any restriction.


Check WordPress Folder Permission to Secure Website.


Make sure your all the folder and files are read-only by default until you change to get access full access to modify.



Use Plugins Akismet Anti-Spam To Protect WordPress Website And Blog From Spammer.


This plugin helps you to protect from outside hacker and spammer. Very useful plugins as on date. Must installed and enable it to perform.

As per the description of the plugin if you will be sleeping it will protect your website from spammer and spam.


Aksimet Anti-Spam by TryDigital


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