How to Get Traffic For My Youtube Videos | Tricks To Get Huge Traffic For Videos

We all know Youtube now became a second search engine after Google. People showing their love for the content of the videos. Then how to do an SEO of Youtube videos to Rank Higher.



Now in 2019 if you don’t have good communication skills to write or you don’t like the writing of an article for the blog but still wants to share your story and experience with other people then youtube will be the best option to start with.


Youtuber are trending and making enough money but don’t leave your job and professional service and start as a YouTuber because these type of professional takes time to give you return.


Most of them are working as full-time youtuber but keep in mind that you can’t get success overnight. There is a lot of hard work you will have to do to reach on such level to earn money.


You can easily create the account on youtube and share the content with the world but questions are how people will find you on youtube because there is already YouTubers uploaded lots of videos about the same topics.


How will you tell people about your story? Organic reach can be possible only when you will upload the videos according to the youtube algorithm.

Every second people are uploading videos on same topics the how will you tell that your one is best and more useful.


Step by Step Tips & Tricks to Get Traffic at Early Stage of Youtube Videos. How to do youtube SEO to rank on a channel.


Content is King and Content plays a vital role In Youtube Videos SEO.


Whatever is your niche, give your best to make content valuable to visitors. Make videos point to point because people feel boring after few second if you will talk about out of the subject.


The Naming of Youtube Videos For Better SEO.


While uploading the videos on youtube before that rename the name of videos to your title either use keyword. Change default videos name is xyz.mp4 to keyword.mp4.

Add Title In Videos Properly To Help Youtube Video SEO.


Youtube title plays a vital role in SEO. Always keep your title unique and fresh. Keep title eye caching and use keyword in the title of videos.

Add Descriptions In Youtube Videos.


Your Videos Title’s ranking depends on the description of videos. As we know youtube algorithms love unique and fresh content to rank and make the user experience enjoyable.

User keyword properly on descriptions. Use keyword means don’t put the excess word, again and again, to get penalized. User descriptions smartly & properly.


Youtube Keyword Research Tools Help In youtube Video SEO Process.

Youtube keyword planner is different than Google keyword planner. Do research keyword using Keyword Tools.

Use Proper TAGS In Youtube Videos.


Tags help you lots in the ranking. If you will use right tags in your youtube videos then it helps crawler to understand what the video is about.

Our videos will rank in a short period of time. Use vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome Extension to know what exactly makes some videos viral on youtube. This extension helps you lots to understand the trend. Help you to find a useful keyword.


Use Attractive Thumbnail In youtube Videos For Search Engine Optimizations.


Use stunning and eye-catching thumbnail. In youtube video world thumbnails play as a call to action process. If you don’t know much about imaging making then use an online platform to easily make images. Best online image making platform is Canva.

Canva is our favorite tools to makes awesome images in second without photoshop knowledge but you wants to learn about photoshop then that will help you to make awesome images in a more unique way. Photoshop knowledge help in every field, Blogging to website designing, videos making.


Use Hashtags In Descriptions.


Use the three most important hashtag in youtube videos descriptions. It will help videos in searchability. Use hashtag very wisely to get the right traffic.


Why Video Duration Does Matter.


Keep your videos short and interesting because youtube algorithms check how people reacting on your videos. How your visitors are interested in those videos.


If visitors leave watching the videos in a few seconds then it will badly affect your ranking. So always keep videos short and interesting so people watched till the end.


Always focus on engagement, not on traffic. Your content engagement brings you huge traffic overnight. Work on content and SEO rest leave on visitors. You will be able to see the magic of SEO and content. Traffic follow your videos.


Share The Youtube videos, Link.


Share your youtube link on your website and other social media platform. Who knows which one become viral through social media. We can’t underestimate the power of social media in such youtube content.


If we missed some better way to bring the traffic for Youtube Videos and SEO of Youtube Videos then suggest us on below-mentioned comments. We will highly appreciate your efforts and thought.


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