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How to Optimize My YouTube Channel For More Views & Subscribers

You have a YouTube channel and don’t have views and subscribers? Let’s see how to optimize your YouTube channel for more views and subscribers.

Now YouTube becoming a full-time job for so many aspirants and professionals because of internet penetration and video data consumptions.

There is a huge scope and earning for YouTubers who seriously producing valuable content to viewers.


So how will you earn from YouTube ?

How will you get those views?

How to increase subscriber and organic reach of videos?

Let’s start now, See How to Optimize My YouTube Channel For More Views & Subscribers.

Produce Valubale Content.

Produce videos that will add some value to every single visitor. Sometimes YouTuber crate a content pointing itself.

Always create a videos as per viewer demand and viewer desire. Always checkout the comment and even consider the negative reviews to optimize your video content from next time.

Attractive Thumbnail

Without attractive thumbnail no one going to click on your videos. It is important to create a thumbnail more valuable than your original content.

Don’t use the same kind of thumbnail because every video is different than why the same thumbnail for each video.

Use Channel Tag

Use highly targeted keyword in your channel tag because it will define about your channel niche and give your channel organic boost.

Videos Tag

Your video’s all Tags should have more than 200 characters. Like add multiple tags until unleash character reach to 200. Keywords used in the Tag should be related to topics.

Videos Title

Video’s title should contain the keywords related to subjects and title will have to be informative in 20 to 60 characters.

This is a challenging job for you to do it. Title of videos will be the second most eye catching things after Thumbnail.

Title length shouldn’t be a too long so keep that under 20 to 60 characters.

Videos Descriptions

Your video description should be informative and SEO friendly. Descriptions length should have more than 300 characters for organic reach.

Descriptions must have all the information about the content & channel also like website, contact detail, offer related information.

Use hashtag above the description so that will helps to reach more organically. Keep most important words n hashtag of videos like brand name.


Use cards to send your current viewers to another video and create engagement and reduce bounce rate. Overall this technique helps in your channel optimizations.


Share your videos directly from youtube channel to all your social media platforms. Join the Facebook and Linkedin group and share in multiple groups at early stage of channel.

Add Feature Videos

Add feature videos in your channel to attract new visitors and convert them into the subscriber.

About Us

Describe your channel in about us section. Here you will get chance to update Mail Id, Website and Social Media Links. About us is part of optimization.

WhatsApp Status

Share your youtube links to your Whatsapp contact and update the status because each views and subscriber does matter in early stage of channel.

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