How to Market My Newly Launched Startup & Small Business In 2019?


This is an every startup question “How to market my startup business at the initial stage“. Let’s see how can we do that best for the marketing of your startup.






Marketing is the simple process to tell people about your brand, product & services to others. it’s sound easy but it is not.

There is no rocket science in marketing, We need to take a few steps to start marketing for your product & services for the free or little budget.

We have seen in most of the cases startup spent money on marketing which is not suitable for them at all. It’s been too late when they realized.

Don’t make such a mistake at the initial level of business because it will decrease your enthusiasm. Let see how we can digital promote our startup at free of cost either with little budget.


Marketing Idea For Your Startup & Any Businesses, Let’s Begin.


Spread In Family, Friends, And Relatives.


Share your idea with these people often so they can remember when someone requires product and services related to you. We know, nowadays no one will help you from the heart at all but this one is the ways to aware people about the startup at free of cost.


Choose Business Mobile Number.


Always keep in mind never start with your own personal mobile number. Buy new connection and share with all friends, relatives. While sharing the number with people they ask you about a new number so you can say that in short description without any hesitation. People will also aware of your startup.


Make Logo If Possible.


If possible for you itself either do you have a budget to hire a freelancer to make a logo for your brand then must do it. It will be very helpful in the future. Use the same logo at every place like WhatsApp, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, ETC.


Integrate WhatsApp Business App In Your Business And  Website.


Download and install WhatsApp business account and setup. So the people will save your number will be able to see about the startup. Like, use the logo of your startup in the WhatsApp business profile picture. Always share services through status, group options.


Make WhatsApp Group  And Share Your Content.


Make WhatsApp group and broadcast your message weekly so people will be aware of about your startup. Save every query number in your contact list and add him in the WhatsApp broadcast group and update weekly. This process helps you in branding of startup and also they aware of it.



 List Startup On Google My Business.


This amazing tools for a startup who is dealing in the local market. This totally free tools from Google.  Whenever people look for services and a product like you then your business profile appears in front of him.

Example: Someone looking for ” Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata ” then the services provider of such category will appear in search rank.


Make Social Media Pages And Start Sharing Content.


Make your social media presence at all the leading platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.


Join And Share content In Facebook Groups.


Best way to make your brand awareness at free of cost is to share your services and product in groups. Sent group joining request to group admin to accept. Once accepted the share the content regularly.


Make a Responsive And SEO Friendly Website.


Develop responsive and SEO friendly Website in 2019 because now the website is not used for just information. Link your website to all the leading platform. Now website playing a vital role in lead generation. If you are doing SEO of website on regularly then your winning chance will be much higher than a competitor.


If Possible Start Blogging From Day One.


Choose your blogging niche & publish content regularly. Blogging will bring traffic to your website and also make your brand awareness organically.


Start Facebook Ads Campaign For Instant Result.


If so you have a little budget to spend then start facebook marketing for your start at the initial stage of business. Run reach or brand awareness campaign at the lowest cost of 40 rupees per day and reach thousands of people in a month.


Start Google Ads For Instant Result.


Another best platform is Google Ads. If you want an instant result for a startup then start Google Search Ads.


Wants to Know Which One Is Best To Start Facebook vs Google Ads.


If you will run both ads at a time then it will create magic if your product and services USP will be up to the satisfaction level. To know more about the combination read out the below-mentioned article.

Google Ads Versus Social Media Ads


All the above marketing tricks take time to optimize except Facebook & Google Ads. Only paid ads will give you instant mileage.


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