How to Increase Website Speed of WordPress| 100% Tested Tips & Tricks


Increase Your WordPress Website Page Speed Using Few Plugins. 



Should you worried about page speed? The answer is “Yes”, As per recent research if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load the page then people left your website and move on and website get high bounce rate and that will be not ok for any businesses.


Online buyers and visitors don’t have the patience to wait for your website, they start looking for another in few second. Time is changing very fast and your website page speed should be too.


If you have done a great SEO, Written a fresh & high content after all effort your website won’t rank if google crawler found slow loading.


So how to know my website speed? Google made a great platform to check your website loading speed also called page speed at free of cost.

To Check Website Loading Speed: PageSpeed


If you found the website speed is not up to the mark then what will you do?



For WordPress Website & Developer here a few tricks and plugins to make the website faster.


Choose A Well-Known Hosting For Your Website And Blogs.


As per our recommendation don’t sacrifice to choose great hosting server. Choose leading hosting like Blue Host, Sitegorunf, Inmotion & Namecheap to start with.

Hosting server plays a vital role in page speed, traffic generation, your website uptime, and malware protection.


  1. Bluehost
  2. Siteground
  3. Inmotion (Best For US & UK)
  4. For India
  5. Hostgator For Us 
  6. NameCheap


Home Page Slider Feature.


If possible avoid slider features if you are concern about website traffic. A slider will be eye-catching but little bit cause to performance.  Increase the load time of the home page.

Image Resizing Using WordPress Plugins.


Images play a vital role in page speed, If you are using a high-quality image to attract your visitor then that image will increase the load time of the website.

Best options to optimize the images without losing the quality is Smush Plugin which will be very helpful to reduce image size automatically each time and also decrease the load time of website & blog.

Best Plugin: Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Minify JS  & CSS Files.


In technical language, the meaning of minifying is to remove the unnecessary rewriting code and reduce the file size of the website to load faster. If you are using a WordPress website then there is a plugin to use.

Plugins are :

  1. Autoptimize
  2. W3 Total Cache


Use Caching Plugin.


Use W3 Total Cache plugin to optimize website loading time and also this plugin helps in better user experience. As per our recommendation try & know more about this plugin visit: W3 Total Cache.

Note: You can use both Autoptimize and W3 total cache at a time to improve website performance.


Implement And Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).


CDN service used as an access point to make a website load faster. CDN server helps the user to access the website at minimum time. For example, You have hosted your site in US data center and you want to target another country along with us like India but when India user visit the website then take time to load from US center due to distance.

Now CDN fills the gap of distance and gives great user experience to India visitor. Best way to enable CDN in WordPress to use plugins.

Even you will get CDN features in W3 Total Cache. Another plugin is CDN Enabler – WordPress CDN Plugin


Keep Spam Free Website.


Keep spam free website to load website faster than usual. Nowadays most of the website affected by spam. You will see unwanted Ads, Popup, Adult content without your permission.

Best way to protect your website is to use WordPress Plugins. One of the best plugin to protect your website from spam is Akismet anti-spam.

Install Akismet Anti-Spam at free of cost and now protect your website from spam. Keep the website & blog safe and faster.


Uninstall Unwanted Plugins.


Generally, we used lots of plugin for experiment and testing but we forgot to remove. Unwanted plugins also become a reason for the slow speed of the website. Remove and uninstall all the unused plugins.


We can’t recommend you to experiment too much with the running website. Try the above solutions, you will get the result. Even we also used to improve our website speed.


If you know any other plugins and tricks to speed up the website then share with us. What we are missing in this article so will update and share with another visitor with great informative content.


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