How to Get Traffic For My Newly Launched Blog & Website By TryDigital.


Have you launched a new website & blog and not getting the traffic? Everyone wants traffic but follow this step to improve your ranking day by day.





Do you ever imagine there is unlimited blog and website are on the internet and everyone wants to rank and get traffic for website and blog? This is not a bad thought but see this fact that all of your content won’t rank and bring traffic so don’t get discouraged.


Start blogging today work on the content not on traffic generation, once you start working on great content then traffic will follow you automatically.


There is no rocket science anywhere. In a few blogs, you will see a post like ” Get 10X traffic in 30 days for the newly launched blog ” this is totally irrelevant at all.


Even you will see the blogger says they are earning dollars in a month and they quit their settled job and started blogging and earning 5x then his salary but no one tells you about the past, how he did it so don’t take a decision in hurry.


We highly appreciated if someone wants to start but it will take time, So keep backup of all the dependencies. This is our won experienced. We have been gone through the situation of taking the decision in a hurry without knowing the facts. Best options for all is start as part-time and see the magic then go for full time.


Why we are saying this because Google crawler has its own algorithm and you will have to follow it. If you start manipulating the search engine then maybe that will give instant traffic but not good for your website and blog in a long time.


The newly launched website needs time to optimize and also there are few steps to follow to get decent traffic early stage of launch.




Step by step guide for newly launched blogs and website and who is about to start a career in this field.




Choose a friendly and unique name for the blog and website.


The friendly name will help visitors to remember it and unique is because there is an unlimited website so unique will help visitors to identify your website from the search result.



Choose a domain name related to your website & blog.


If you get domain name relevant or at your blog name must take it. Also, choose name and domain name short so help in remember easily.



Design & Make Unique Logo.


If possible spend a little amount on logo making, it also helps you to make your website to stand out from the crowd. This is not necessary to make a logo but you have skills to do itself or have the little budget then make it.



Choose Your Subject Very Wisely.


Don’t follow others like if someone writing about yoga and bringing great traffic at website and making revenue. Follow your passion because less or more audience is there for all. You will enjoy writing and your blog touches the sky because you are involving your self positively.



Don’t Follow Money or Traffic, Follow the Passion.


Literally, if you want to make a great start in blogging or any online, offline business must follow the passion not money because once money stopped coming then decrease your performance.

Overnight success is not possible at all. Only your decision-making ability and your passion give you success in any business or sports etc.



Use a Proper Title For Your Website & Blogs.


Use the keyword in your title like we have digital marketing agency then our website title will be ” Digital Marketing Agency In XYZ City. Use keyword in a sentence but not more than one time in the title.



Use proper Meta description For Website and Blog


Description attracts the visitor to visit your website and take action. Must use keyword in description sentence with attractive offers etc.  Meta description helps search engine crawlers. Meta description also plays an important role in the ranking of website & blog



Use proper H1 Tag in Website And Blog Home Page and Another Pages.


H1 tag helps search engine crawlers to know what the page is about. Like always use keyword in an H1 tag in your website landing page and another page.

Please keep in mind don’t use H1 tag more than one time in one page. For better result use one H1 tag in each page. Same tricks apply in blog pages. After H1 tags use H2, H3 tags on the website.



Use Alt-Image In Blogs And Website.


Don’t upload images on website and blog without renaming it and use keyword.  Use the keyword in image name to rank on the web. This one also plays a vital role in ranking. Your images will rank in the google images section. So traffic will come from also.


Create Robots.txt and Sitemap.


Create robots.txt and sitemap for better indexing. Manually submit a sitemap to google console platform for fast indexing of data for early traffic at your blog and website.



Share on All Social Media Platform.


Share content on all the social media platform for initial traffic & branding of website and blog.



Post Content Regularly For Optimizations.


For better result post content twice in a week for better optimizations. Focus to increase subscriber, write relevant content to your niche because if your content will be relevant people will start following you from your niche.



 Share the Post In Facebook Group & Tags Others.


Another great platform for the organic reach of your website & blog. Share your content in a different group. Join the group asap and promote your content free of cost.



Avoid Scraped Content In 2019.


Don’t copy & paste any data from another website and blog to your platform that is called scraped content, Not even single content. Google will crash your website and blog. The website never performed as it should be. Sometimes google ban such blog and website.

For great result always use own & fresh content. Research data on the internet about the subject for information and write in your language with your expertise.

Use these tools to check scraped content or  plagiarism: ContentChecker



Content Size And Blog Size.


While writing the blog must keep in mind your blog should be easy to read. Readability score should be high.  Keep your blog size 500 to 800 at least but also keep in mind if your blog size is more and less at 300 words then that will be also fine.

Generally, people write a blog above 1000 words up to 3000 words for better SEO.  We generally write a blog from 350 to 1200 words max. Our blog is also getting huge traffic.


For your kind information, at the early stage of our blog, we had a 20 traffic in months so don’t be panic. Keep doing the good work and give time to optimize. Average optimization timing will be 3 Months to 1 Year.

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