How Chatbot Playing A Important Role In Digital Marketing| Why Chatbot


We all heard about the chatbot in 2019 so what is chatbot and how chatbot becoming popular and first choices for startups and another business owner.



How chatbot helps in the marketing of any product and services.


Another invention of genius programmer and developer is a chatbot. Today we will talk about how chatbot playing an important role in digital marketing. Now we can see that artificial intelligence in demand. Machines are removing people’s needs, all big companies are becoming dependent on machine working environment.

Also, e will discuss few benefits of chatbot in digital marketing in 2019.


About Chatbot Technology In Digital Marketing.


A chatbot is the part of Artificial Intelligence. A chatbot is programming tools that will act like a human on the internet. You have been seen that whenever you talk live chat of any company’s website and you got the reply in second from a chatbot.

Those all are features of the chatbot. Chatbot replacing the customer care executive who chats and reply all day to customers.

There are so many other inventions are going on which will decrease the human needs and unemployment hits to another level if people won’t increase their skills and efficiency.


Type of Chatbot In Industry. 


There are two types of chatbot. One is Scripted or Predefined Written Chatbot and Another one AI integrated Chatbot. Both chatbot use for different goals and purpose and both work differently according to business needs, requirements, and budget.


Scripted or Predefined Chatbot.


This kind of chatbot has preloader features by programmer and developer. They can’t assume and act like a human at all. They have the answer of a few queries in the database once you start asking the chatbot they reply the same answer which is developed inside the database.

This kind of chatbot is best for complain taking and general query. This kind of chatbot only keeps a few questions and answer in the database.

AI Chatbot In 2019.


This kind of developed chatbot act like a human. They will answer almost every question to satisfy the visitors and give them a great user experience.

AI chatbot uses NLP(Natural Language Processing) to understand human actions and give a response according to it.


Let’s Analyze How Chatbot Playing An Important Role In Digital Marketing And Why Chatbot.


Chatbot Important In Better User Experience And Satisfaction


Chatbot implementation creates an awesome user experience for the visitors who will visit your website and have some queries to ask you about.

A chatbot will reply automatically in second, Chatbot will guide the visitor in the right direction. The process makes user experience simply awesome. One thing visitors will keep with them is satisfaction from your platform once visitors left your website, apps, blog



 Less Expensive Compare to other Solutions


Implementation is less expensive to hire staff for such a job.  The service of the chatbot will available 24*7*365 at the same price of building and implementation. No service dealy. No extra leave to chatbot technology.



Chatbot Playing A Important Role In Data Collection & Lead Generation


It has another great feature is data collection from the user. It observes visitors’ queries and keeps their input for future reference. Also, keep their contact information for remarketing.

Chatbot in digital marketing engages visitors in different ways that’s why chances of conversation become very high.



Chatbot Playing A Important Role In Reduce The Bounce Rate


It will help to decrease the bounce rate in different ways. A chatbot can provide visitors different solutions & links during the conversation so visitors will be sticking around the websites.


Chatbot Playing A Important Role In  Increase Engagement 


Through chatbot features, you can engage your customers at your website and blog. Give visitors other useful links to make engagement like offers, freebies, free trips, etc.


Email List Building & Remarketing Techniques.


Integrate some email building useful features in Chatbot that can help a marketer to keep visitor’s mail id. Using the same contact information bring the same customer and visitors to business and online platform for different reason and purpose.

Email building is like an asset-building in business. Now every website, Blogs & Apps has chatbot features to answer user queries and collect user information to increase the traffic of website and business.

Email building will help you in the future. Still, email marketing has the best ROI in digital marketing.


Instant Relief And Customer Service Support.


A chatbot will act like a human at every step of business right now and also in the future. It will decrease the overall expenses of all the business.

You don’t need to hire staff to manage your online query. A chatbot will manage all including the data collection in the right direction for remarketing in the future. A chatbot is win-win situations for both digital marker and business owner.

What Are The Benefits of Chatbot In Digital Marketing In 2019?


Less expensive compared to staff hiring.

Instant service & support to visitors.

24*7 Availability of chatbot to give a response to visitors and collect the data for you.

Multiple conversations at a time to reduce multiple staff hiring.

Make your website and your services more professional.

No leave allowance like the staff.

No bonus and other staff maintenance expenses.

Work according to your demand and requirement.

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