Google My Business Listing & Optimization Step By Step Guide In 2020!


Google My Business Listing playing a vital role in the world of Digital Marketing. GMB is best for your local listing & SEO.


About Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool for local businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google Local Search Result. By listing your business details you can help customers find you and also tell them about your business Product & Service. Google my business listing helps in so many ways.


Why Google My Business Listing

Totally free tools by Google and launched in June 2014. It helps you in many ways like making your online presence free of cost and also brings a potential customer to your doorstep with the ZERO Marketing budget.


Google My Business Listing Step By Step Guide.

  • Create a Gmail account we recommend to create Gmail account using your Business name.
  • Go to Google My Business site.
  • Click On Start> Login With Gmail Id You Created (Must Make Separate Mail Id For Business)
  • Provide Business Name and other details like Address, service area, service category.
  • Last step to verify the listing. There are two methods verify using a mobile number, you will get OTP on the given number to verify. Either they will send PIN through Courier at a registered address in 15 days.
  • After verification your business will go to live before verification you will get pending verification status.

Note: In case you will get suspended error after verification that means you violate the policy of listing so please keep the information accurate, don’t manipulate.


Analyze The Benefits Of Google My Business Listing.

  • It’s Free to list.
  • Interact with a customer without having a website.
  • Nice reviews attract a more potential customer at your business.
  • Basic Website Setup Totally Free By Google Site.
  • Using insight features in GMB to help & understand the business performance, how customer reaching to you and make changes according to it.
  • Crete post & Publish for the customer and potential customer about services and product.
  • In GMB listing you can modify listing anytime according to your needs and there are no charges for anything. Optimize properly and reach to more people near your Store/office.
  • In GMB you can choose your service area by pin code Either name or give the kilometer.


How to optimize Google My Business to reach the more potential customer.


Provide Accurate Details to Optimize Local Searches.

Update accurate details about the business in all the places. Like Address, Mail Id, a Contact number should be the same to optimize more properly.

Use the same details on Website, Blog, WhatsApp Business & Another any platform because it will help the search engine crawler to give a great experience to the visitor.

Post Publish Once A Week to Get A Result From GMB.

Post images with content regularly. At least publish a post once in a week on GMB. It will help the user to know your listing is active. Your chances will be increased to get such a potential customer.

Integrate Website Link to Take Visitors To Website.

Update the valid website link in your GMB listing. It will help the user to go through it and take action. The great website plays a vital role in convert potential customer to customers.


Update Description More Accurately.

Your description will see by every user the description should be the same as other places like website, blog, etc. In description use useful keyword and it should be relevant to your website about us to optimize properly.


Keep operation time accurate(If any user complains about open hours then that will be harmful for user experience and optimization).

If you have a shop or office then please produce accurate timing of opening and closing. Update listing accordingly.

Reviews In Google My Business Listing

Do the good work and get the reviews. Reviews will be your business assets. Whenever a user gives the review on your any platform like Google My Business then always replied to your customer review. If got negative review then also reply politely.

Your reply treated as authentication for another visitor. Review and it replies play a vital role in Call To Action.

Alt+Image Tricks

Your images should be in JPEG or PNG & use keyword in the image. Rename the image and put a keyword and company name.

Most of the people ignore the GMB benefits and if you will optimize accordingly then you will get an outstanding response.

We have been also using the GMB for our so many clients and they are getting good leads from listing at free of cost. Only listing never helps you in such a way for better results always post content & optimize.

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