Google Call Only Ads Setup Disapproved Due to Unverified Phone Number.


Your Google Call Only Ads Disapproved Due to Unverified Phone Number?


This very common issues in Google Ads Call the only campaign setup. Google now changing its algorithms and Ads running structure very rapidly.

We also need to be updated with that to avoid issues like this.



Google Call Only Ads Disapproved Due to Unverified Number

Google Ads Disapproved Due To Unverified Number


Google Call Only Ads Approved After Verified Phone Number Using Below Mentioned Step.



Let’s Resolved The Ads Setup Disapproved Due to Unverified Phone Number By Google Ads in Few Simple Steps.


Verify Your Phone Number Using Google My Business Listing.


The most common and easiest way to resolve your issues is to list your business on Google My Business listings and verified the same number which is using in the Ads setup.

After listing of your business on one of the google most useful platform Google My Business now Ads will approve.

Keep in mind don’t remove digit 0 if there in Google My Business Listing. The number should be in the same format.


Example See The Mobile Number In Google My Business Profile.


Google My Business lisitng Post By TryDigital




Google Analytics Setup With Website to Verify The Mobile Number.


Another way to approve your Ads is to verify your number using Google Analytics Code and tracking setup with the website.

Must use the same Gmail id which is using to set up the Google Ads and also keep in mind to use a same mobile number in your Gmail id either don’t have the same mobile number then update the Gmail mail account with same mobile number.

Generate code and tracking id and integrate the same with your website. Keep one thing in mind in your contact us page should have the same mobile number.



Google Search Console Setup to Verify The Phone Number In Google Ads Setup.


Another best way to set up the Search Console previously known as Google Webmaster. Follow the same method as Google analytics.

Generate the code and give that to your developer to integrate into the header of your website to verify the ownership of the website and mobile number.



Conclusion of Google Ads Setup And Verification of Phone Number.


As per recommendation is the easiest way to set up and verify your mobile number is Google My Business listing. You don’t need to set up the code in your header for just this purpose further Google Analytics And Google Search Console is very useful tools to use and analyze the website and blog status.


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