Google Ads Versus Social Media Ads| How Reviews Play A Vital Role In Ads



Are you in confusion, which ads are best for your business? Don’t worry we will explore all the relevant things step by step.



As we know the marketing rename to digital marketing now. In this digital era how we skipped google ads and social media ads. Let’s explore Google Ads Versus Social Media Ads & How Reviews Play A Vital Role In Ads!

First of all, make the pages on all the platform like Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest ETC.  Share content on all the platforms regularly because each platform has a unique audience and your presence will help your business to grow.


For organic reach, we all have to update our social media platform on a regular basis. People keen to know more about you before going to make a deal or take action.


Your social media presence also helps your google search or display running ads. Once people found you on google search they will look for a presence on another platform for current updates and your business reviews.


Now you can understand the final call to action depends on your quality of service which one defined by your Google and social media reviews. Must be focused on happy customer’s feedback on all the popular platforms like Google My Business, Facebook ETC.



So now we can say both the platform depends on each other. Today we will talk about which one is best for your business. Why reviews do matter for your business.


Facebook Ads vs Google Ads By TryDigital.



Let’s Know About Facebook Ads.


People go to social media platforms to connect with their own friends & relatives not for your product and services at all. People interested in what their friends shared on a social media platform and what are they doing.



Let’s Know About Google Ads.


While people go on google they search for their requirements, their needs, and they exit. So be there where all your potential customer is looking for your product and services online. Always be active on Google My Business page and Google Ads.



So Facebook ads are a waste of money.



No, Facebook is a great platform for branding for products & services, make awareness & reach people at a low cost. People go for google searches when they needed something.

In the case of Facebook people are always there. Generally, people go on Facebook each and every time there is no certain time & situation. So you can create brand awareness very easily through Facebook Ads and it’s less costly compared to another platform. At a low cost & marketing budget, you can reach maximum people.

For a startup, we highly recommend starting with Facebook Ads. Create your brand awareness & reach campaign at a low cost.



Now we will see how Facebook ads play a vital role in Google Ads.



When people looking for services and products on Google Search Engine and he sees the ads of your brand. He recognized your brand because he sawn your ads so many times on Facebook now your brand is known to him and he will surely take an action on your link except others. You will win the search to fight with other competitors.

So the conclusion is both are very important for your business. Start google ads along with Facebook ads. Share the budget as per the nature of your business.



For one of our clients, we have shared in 70/30. 70 for Google search ads because it will give an instant result. 30 for Facebook because it will give me reorganization more effectively. This ratio is perfect for his business. His business belongs to the instant service industry.



Let’s see how reviews play a vital role for all at every level of business. 



You have a great office, website, awesome social media presence & always active to reply to your client query but the final buying decision will come when people look for your product and services reviews on all the platforms most of the common platform is Google My Business and Facebook.

If you do not consider it in your business growth it means you are losing money and client both. No ads will help you to overcome it.

People mindset is very important for every brand. You’re doing great SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads but you are ignoring the power of reviews then you’re losing your business. Negative or no review will be like sweet poison for your business.




Tips By TryDigital To Get a Review And Improve Reviews.



Always ask for your reviews to your client and customer. This is not a shameful thing at all. People will share their experience at your platform like the Facebook page & GMB page.

Always reply to your reviews it’s help on SEO level or also Other people will see the same and feel positive about your business.

Time is changing, people now believing in online reviews more than a recommendation from someone. Even if you wish to win an online fight from your competitor must make positive reviews about your service.

The fake review will affect your brand valuation for a long time.


So choose a marketing platform wisely and work on customer feedback very positively! For any query and support do contact us  Call & WhatsApp: 9903965087.

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