Do We Really Need Website For Small Business To Make Online Presence?


We all know the Website and App is very important for any business. Is it necessary for Local, Small and Startup business to build a website to make an online presence?



Do we really need a website for startup and small business to make online presence?


As per our experience this digitization era you don’t need to depend on some specific things. Don’t stop your business and business plan for just a Website And App.

There are so many ways and tools you can use to make an online presence. Will discuss in this article and guide how to make an online presence without having a Website And App.


Is it possible for businesses to make an online presence without making a Website?


There are so many ways to make a great online presence without having a website and app. Literally, you don’t need a website for small business to make an online presence. We agreed with that Website is very important for any businesses apart from it. We still make a great online presence without having a Website.



Let’s see the few tools and ways will help your business to go online and attract more people without having a great website.

List your business on an online directory like GMB.


Go online with an online directory like Google My Business. This is totally free tools for a business who wants to make a great online presence without having a website and app.

It will make millions of business owners dream come true because it will help small and local business owners to make their business online and visible to all the potential customer.



Benefits of google my business listing For your local, small and startup business.


Most important things in this listing are, it will appear in a search engine when someone query like if someone looking for a best digital marketing agency in xyz area your listing will appear in front of the user.

So many other benefits you will be found like, You will able to set the Logo of brand, Descriptions, Mobile number You can be able to post images of your product and services including the offers.

You can also able to build a free website for your customer but it will be on Google My Business domain and you will get fewer features but still, you can make your website for your customer to see your all services and contact details.



Google My Business lisitng Post By TryDigitalGoogle My Business lisitng Post By TryDigital


Make a Facebook page for your brand.


Build an online presence with a Facebook page. Now Facebook page is not an ordinary page like before. In the new version of the page will give you options to update your Services including the prices, Book an appointment features ETC.


Using the Facebook page you can also make a great online presence of your brand. It will help lost in the branding of your business.



Benefits of making a page on Facebook to make online visibility.


Creating a page and maintaining the page will increase your brand value and popularity. As you know all available on Facebook.

You will be able to start Ads without having the website to promote your business locally at the lowest cost.

You will get organic traffic if share the content on Facebook, Share the content in Facebook groups, share content on friends timeline like tags you’re well-wishers.

Example of Facebook Listing:



Facebook Page Of TryDigital By TryDigitalFacebook Page Services of trydigital by TryDigital




Make Another Social Media Account And Listing On Another Online Directory.


There are so many other platforms which can help you to build a strong online presence without a website. A platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Mix, Tumblr.

Online Directory like Reddit, Just dial, Yellow page online, Indiamart ETC.

Still, do you feel that you do need a website for a small & startup business to make an online presence? No. Go ahead and make your dream come true.



Do you need a website for a small business to make an online presence? CONCLUSION!


Note this please make a website when you will be in a position like you will be under your financial stability. Website App plays a vital role in the growth of business in 2019 but doesn’t stop for this reason.

Start your journey now and if you will work you will get whatever you want in life. Website and App never stop you to make a big in life. Website And App just play a supporting role in business.

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