Complete Guide of Local SEO and Complete Local SEO Checklist


Today we will go through the complete Local SEO checklist for Local Businesses and Local SEO for Small Businesses.



What Is Local SEO?


Local SEO is part of SEO. The local SEO process helps people to find the right things at the right time to the right place. Now businesses are totally dependable on online presence and if your business deals in the local area then must have to be optimized complete Local SEO Checklist For Local Businesses and Local SEO For Small Businesses.

Local SEO plays an important role in business growth and lead generation. Local SEO is very important for Small Business, MSME Sectors because they serve their clients in a limited area.



What is the difference between Local SEO and SEO Services


As we said Local SEO is the part of SEO. Local SEO also contains the same logic and pattern but coverage of both optimizations is different.

SEO services for Flipkart & Amazon are different then SEO services for your city’s one of the best restaurants who doesn’t serve except their reach.

Both the process is same but content optimization will be different and we ill talk about the same in a step by step guide.


Who use Local SEO services


Local SEO helps a local business like Repairing Shop, Clothes Shops, Restaurants who serve people around their area like 10 to 20 kilometers either the whole city.

SEO is a vast subject and we need to understand what exactly we are doing for example if you have a local repair shop in Kolkata and serving clients in 5miles of the radius then SEO service won’t give the expected result at all but Local SEO can give you the expected result.


Benefits of Local SEO


If your business won’t deliver products and services apart from the limited area of the city then why you will fight with another global player?


List of benefits of Local SEO


Start itself either hire professionals like us to do the job and update your online presence regularly for better results.

Local SEO cost lees compare to SEO services.

Easily get organic traffic and result in a few days and months.

The chances of getting clients are high. People prefer local service providers.

Local SEO helps you to build strong relationships among the people.

Easily get noticed and your brand becomes popular in a short period of time.



Here the Local SEO Checklist for all small and startup businesses that serve in limited areas.



Identify Your Business Core Services & USP


If you failed to analyze your own business core services and unique selling point then how will serve the clients. Identify your business core services and USP (Unique Selling Point) to bring the customer at your doorstep.

Your business USP does play a very important role in your business growth in the right direction. USP also helps in Local SEO.



Make Online Presence With Accurate NAP


List your business at all the leading directory and social media platforms with accurate details. The most important listing is for any small startup business is Google My Business.

Best and most helpful tools for any individual and business person. If your listing will be up to the mark then the business gets the great lead at free of cost.

GMB also helps in the local SEO of the website. That’s why we mentioned in heading NAP. Let’s see what is NAP.

Name, Address Phone Number (NAP)  formula is a highly proven trick for local SEO. If your business operates in the local area either the whole city but not outside of the city then NAP will create magic.

Keep three things accurate at all the leading platforms. List your business at google my business and after approval copy-paste the same Name, Address and Phone number at all the platforms like website, social, and another online directory



Why NAP Is Important For Local SEO


NAP transfer the right signal to the google about the business. If you follow the rule then the search engine will find your business is most accurate for such kind of services.

Like someone looking for a best laptop repair shop near me and your website and google my business optimize for this keyword then second things, google looks for NAP.



Website Optimization For Local SEO


Optimize your website according to Local SEO. Make a keyword phrase including the area name and code like Best laptop Repair Centre In Kolkata. Now you can see we added the Kolkata at the end of phrases.

So must write the area in your website title and descriptions so search engine easily filters your website more informative and accurate.



Post Optimize Images at All The Leading Platform


Post images in JPG formate and optimize for best. Add targeted keywords in image tags and descriptions. Google crawlers also check this parameter to understand and rank your website.

Never post any images without optimization. Must include the highly targeted keywords at all the places.



Must Avoid Scraped Content


Scraped content very negatively impacts the local SEO of a website. In the eyes of the search engine especially for Google, this kind of mistake treated as a crime. Don’t do the crime because every crime has its own circumstances.

Scraped content very poorly harm your business at Local Ranking. You will lose the clients and money both and your competitor will get the advantages.



Customer Reviews Role In Local SEO


User reviews impact Local SEO so try to get many reviews as possible and try to reply to every review. A review is treated as the most valuable data for Search Engine Optimizations.

Each and every review is important for Local SEO. Reviews highly impact Google local Listing. So be wise and ask each customer and clients to review your business.



Conclusion of Local SEO Checklist


above all the method is practice to do on a regular basis. SEO and Local SEO is not a one day process at all. Both the SEO methods take time for optimizations.

Follow the above Local SEO checklist for promotions of Local & Small businesses in the right direction.


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