Common SEO Mistake Must Avoid to Rank Higher on Search Engine!


Let’s analyze the common SEO mistake because Search Engine Optimization is everything to get organic traffic and clients to your online doorstep without investing any amount of the advertisement. We must be focused on common SEO mistakes for higher ranking.

SEO is the one-stop solution for all our digital marketing needs in 2019 and many more years from now. We all know the importance of SEO in this digital era but still, we do mistakes while working on it.

Things we should avoid in an SEO strategy to get the optimized result that will satisfy our self and clients. SEO strategy means a common SEO mistake.

Success in SEO is like we will be trying to find the small stone in the SEA so we must avoid the common SEO mistake.

SEO patterns and algorithms are changing, People’s behavior and way of seeing the content on the internet is changing so be with the change and update your self accordingly.



Today We Will Discuss About An Common SEO Mistake Must Avoid to Rank Higher on Search Engine.



Let’s The Analyze The Things We Should Avoid To Make Our Google SEO Strategy More Effective.

Avoid Choosing The Wrong Keyword For Page And Post.


Maybe you are choosing the right keyword but think about from the user aspect that will user type that kind word in a search engine to find your content?

Even search engine crawlers like to avoid your post content because they won’t find that relevant at all. Always the keyword which is post is about.

Use the Google Keyword Planner tools to find the best keyword for the content and avoid common SEO mistakes.

Example: Like You are writing the post about SEO strategy and you have used keyword Digital Marketing at all the places.


Avoid Common SEO Mistake While Keyword Planning


A keyword will be playing a vital role in your SEO strategy. SEO actually works on keyword placement because the search engine crawler found an important keyword to rank your content to the right user but if he won’t find the relevant content on your page and post then they avoid to rank.

Don’t put the keyword in every sentence because the stuffing will decrease your overall ranking which will also impact your website in a negative way. Google uses LSI analysis technology to analyze what the page and post are about.

If you are not sure about the keyword to rank your post then use long-tail keywords. LSI analyze will understand what is your post is about.



Avoid Scrapped And Plagiarism Content.


This mistake also is done by lots of content writer and digital marketer. Avoid scrapped and plagiarism content to avoid SEO this kind of mistake to rank higher.

Fresh and unique content does matter lots in the ranking of your post and pages. Must check your content before publishing with online fress tools.

A search engine crawler hates such content. Don’t copy any text from any other website. Always focus on fresh and unique content.




Avoid Common SEO Mistake to Write Title And Meta Description


A most common mistake is failing to optimize website Title And Meta Description. Don’t avoid this because Title And Description are very important for visitors and search crawlers.

Use your highly targeted keyword in both places Title And Meta Description to rank higher on a search engine. Must avoid this SEO mistake to rank higher on a search engine.




Avoid Keyword Stuffing In Titel and Description, H1, H2 Tags.


Now days have gone to manipulate the search engine using the same keyword again and again to all the important part of website and blog.

Use the keyword very wisely in such a section of the post. Try to use synonyms and long-tail keywords because now search engine crawler uses LSI analyzer to know what the post about.

Avoid common SEO mistakes and don’t try to manipulate the search engine. Avoid Keyword stuffing SEO mistakes to rank higher on the search engine.




Must Use Quality Link in Your Post And Pages to Avoid SEO Mistakes and Rank higher.


Backlinks are a great way to rank higher on the search engine but internal also plays a vital role in your SEO. Must use the link in your post if you are referring some tools and pages to visit users to check.

If you are not using the internal links then it is also counted in SEO mistakes to avoid to rank higher.



Must Check Website And Blog Page Speed to Avoid SEO Mistake.


Page speed plays a critical role in your ranking and optimization. Very crucial things to notice while building the website and blog and optimizing for a better organic result.

Don’t avoid to check the page speed of your website blog and if taking time then work on it. As per recent analysis if your website and blog takes more than 3 sec then visitors leave your website that will poorly impact your overall performance.

Page Speed SEO mistake avoids ranking on a search engine.



Less Responsive Website And Blog.

Another SEO mistake to rank on a search engine is your website and blog are not responsive. Like your website opening great in laptop but not in Tab and Mobile.

Less responsive website and blog ignore by both search engines and visitors. Work hard to make a responsive and SEO friendly platform.



Social Media Integration, Sharing, And Caring.


Social media can help you in o so many ways like popularity, organic traffic, branding, and SEO. Don’t do the mistake to share your all content at all the platform and online directory.

Avoid the social sharing SEO mistake to rank higher and make a gid impression about your brand.



Another Common SEO Mistake Is Don’t Ignore The Power of Analytics.


I think this one is done by almost everyone to forgot to integrate the analytics to measure the success of blog posts and website SEO performance.

We found the most crucial common SEO mistake to rank higher on search engines.

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