Best Way To Start Blogging In 2019. Know The Dark Truth About Blogging.


Learn the best way to start blogging from scratch In 2019 and Know about the dark truth behind blogging.


Now again blogging is in trend. Because as per current predication penetration of internet will increase by 2022. More people will go on the web for solutions and do searching for their query.

Scope of earning will be increased by in a few years from now from the internet and web. In this startup culture, everyone wants to become self-dependent. Everyone wants to create a job instead of looking for a job.

A person who is very passionate about writing and wants to share an experience to help others can start blogging. Content is everything in blogging.



Let’s see the best way to start blogging In 2019

Choose the right platform to start a career in blogging.


This is the best way to start blogging in 2019. If you wish to start with a free account on a platform like a blogger to check your self that you are interested in blogging or not.

Blogging is not a one time process to do and get success and money overnight.

Our recommendations are to start with your own domain name, buy shared hosting(hosting company should be a good one).

Hosting company does matter in blogging. Bad hosting provider increases your Website downtime, Decrease Website speed, and Website Ranking.

If you are a developer then you can build a blog on hardcore coding but it will take time either choose the best CMS platform like WordPress.

You can start blogging from day one If you choose the CMS like WordPress because of easy to build the platform using great free themes and plugins.



Choose the right niche to make your self rich.


Another best way to start blogging is to choose the perfect niche. Niche plays a vital role in the success and 1your failure. If you follow other blogger success in some niche then that maybe won’t work for you.

Start analysis of your interest in writing about something. If your interest is an uncommon niche that will be also a good sign to rank higher but takes time.

Choose your interest in blogging is challenging for anyone because most of the blogger start blogging on trending topics and failed to beat other successful bloggers because that is not his niche to start.

Our suggestion doesn’t follow other bloggers topics and success in some topics, Find your one to get success.



Use the right theme & plugin if using WordPress.



Theme selection is very important if you want to start blogging in 2019. Choose a theme like Zerif because this theme is free for one-page blogs. The Zerif theme is highly SEO friendly responsive and compatible.



Meta Slider plugin use for integrate sliding features in your website and blogs.

W3 Total Cache plugin is used for blog enhancement.

Autoptimize plugins use to help to increase blog performance.

Akismet Anti Spam plugin use to protect from spammer and attacker.

HappyForms plugin is best for contact us page creation.

MailChimp WordPress plugin is best to create a subscriber list.

One Signal push notification plugin to send notifications about a new post.

Orbit fox companion for multiple purposes like social media sharing, google analytics integration, etc.

Smush plugin for image optimizations and increase website performance and speed.

WP-Hide login plugin to protect from hackers. It will change the user login URL. Like WP-Admin to Anything, You Wish.

Yoast Plugin uses for one stop solutions for all your SEO.

WhatsApp Chat plugin is best for CTR. People will easily able to interact with you.




Use proper title and descriptions using the Yoast plugin for organic traffic.


Best way to start blogging is to understand the importance of SEO. One stop soliton for all your SEO needs is Yoast plugin. We highly preferred to make SEO friendly content for our own blogs and website.

Use proper Title And Descriptions to get organic traffic. Title and Descriptions play a vital role in CTR. If your blog getting 2000 impression but only get 20 clicks then this is very poor indications for your blog performance.

Might be visitors are not clicking on our content due to poor title and descriptions.



Check the readability score of content using Yoast plugin.


Readability score of the Yoast plugin is killing features. You will find Yoast readability indicator at the right sidebar at writing dashboard and get readability score of your content while start writing and according to signal change your writing pattern.

The readability score does matter in SEO ranking. Yoast readability indication defines in Green- Good, Orange- Ok, Red- Need to improve. This is the right time to start blogging because you will get lots of resources. at free of cost. We found these things is the best way to start blogging.




Best way to start blogging is to find fresh and unique content.


Search engine loves unique content from every angle. Must make your content fresh unique so that will be rank higher on SERP.

Search Engine Crawler hates scraped content and plagiarism content.

Scraped content means content which copied from another platform with zero value. This also called plagiarism content and this not the best way to start blogging at all.



Focus on targeted keyword and use those keywords smartly.


Basically our blog and website rank on a keyword. Choose productive and less traffic keyword using google keyword planner and implement in your blog Title, Descriptions And Articles to indicate crawler the website post is about.




Know the dark truth about blogging and internet success.



Google has now updated his algorithms against copied content. No one hides the scraped content from google search engine. Blogging is now not only about copy and past content from other places.


In the digital era, no one going to tell you the dark truth about blogging and internet success. Every youngster is in a hurry to make money online at 10x speed. Everyone wants an overnight success on the internet but this is not possible.


Everyone perception in 2019 is to making money online is the easiest things to do to make billion. Go online and start your lock you will feel disappointed because you were not aware of the dark truth behind the blogging and internet success in 2019.


We all know about how Neil Patel, Harsh Agwarl are making such amount of money from just blogging, v-blogging, online marketing & counseling. How they become the star of the internet in blogging but no one knows sacrifices they were made while struggling. We found this one the dar truth of blogging and internet success.


We all follow the success story but have you ever imagine how others blogger is failing in blogging. Once go through those people also.


Literally, this is not the truth that successful blogger like Harsh Agarwal And Neil Patel made such credibility in one night. They spent years to get fame and money to make healthy wealth.


We are not saying don’t dream but don’t follow others success, do follow hard work and do the same with honesty.


You will succeed if you choose the right path with honesty.


Start your career in blogging today and start writing the content in your niche. Share your experience, make worthful content so another one gets benefits. Then see the magic of the internet.


Start blogging today but you won’t get traffic from tomorrow and day after tomorrow and this is another dark truth about the blogging. To rank on search engine depends on so many factors.


Just content writing and posting won’t help you at all. If you are literally not passionate about blogging and feeling to help others through your platform you can’t run a blog more then 60 days.


Nowadays youngsters are just starting a blog due to money because they have seen on youtube and other platforms that how bloggers are making money and buying a dream house, car very easily.


Few bloggers may be done that but all those are exceptional and percentages are very low. if you are just started blogging for money then don’t start.


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