Best SEO Techniques Use To Increase Traffic For Website And Blog.


Today we learn about how SEO Techniques play a vital role in Website & Blog ranking.


SEO techniques are the process to help the website & blog to rank on a search engine, through SEO process we can increase organic traffic for our website & blog without spending any capital.


Let’s See SEO Techniques And Know SEO Services.

There are so many ways to improve the website performance and all the process comes in SEO Techniques.

So See What Are The SEO Technique Need to Follow For Organic Traffic.


Choose An SEO Friendly Domain


Choose a friendly domain name Like “trydigital.in. You can see in the domain name there is “Digital” word but don’t worry. It is not necessary but if you have an option must choose a name related to your work also a domain.



Use Targeted and Most Focused Keyword In Title Of Post And Page.

Use the keyword in the title of the website. This is very important for both SEO and CTA( Call To Action). If your title is well defined then ranking with click chances will be very high.



Meat Description Techniques.

Must write and unique and user-friendly Meta Description also includes the targeted keyword in the description but not randomly either google crawler understood you are manipulating.

Meta description helps your visitor’s lots. Meta description attracts the user to visit your website and also indicate what he will get inside. You can say the meta description like a teaser of any movie.



Best SEO Techniques Is Use Tags in Proper Way.

Use Proper H1 heading in the website, always use the keyword in h1 Heading. Don’t use h1 heading more than two times in one page. If possible use one H1 tag in one page for better result.



Broken Links SEO Techniques.

Check broken link using SEOminion tools. Broken link badly affects the SEO process. Broken links badly affect the user experience and that is not tolerable by a search engine like google. Keep your link update. Don’t create multiple links in one page to confuse crawler.



Use of Robots Txt And Sitemap XML SEO Techniques.

Create robots.txt and allow & disallow search engine (Google, Yahoo, Being )crawler to scan the website. There is an instruction in  robots.txt that Google crawler will & won’t scan a few pages of the website which is allowed & disallowed.

Create sitemap.xml, this one plays a vital role in indexing the data of website in search pages. Must work properly on it.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing.

Don’t use keyword repeatedly. Time has gone when the keyword was all about the ranking factors so you can put your highly targeted keyword at all the places of page and post. So using of keyword unnecessarily at all the places of post and page call keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing badly effect your website and blog to rank on a search engine.



Focus On User Experience And Make Platform Responsive And User-Friendly.

Once people start loving your website then Google also does the same. So keep in mind make your content for user and visitors, not for Google.

Visitors and users are king and god for your content and blog to make successful and failure. This also comes under the Best SEO Techniques so use it wisely.



Trying Hard to Get Good Quality Backlinks.

Best SEO Techniques method to rank on a search engine. Great backlinks help you in so many ways like increase the domain authority and page authority.

Always look for good backlinks for great and best SEO techniques. Never miss getting backlinks.



Other So Many SEO techniques used to improve website ranking. SEO is the ongoing process to always do experiments and enhance website performance and get organic traffic.



  • Create a link of all social media platforms on the website.
  • Make an easy call to action options.
  • Always use the keyword in Images while uploading on the website. This process also called Alt-Image.
  • Use canonical URL -search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative. The user will see the URL exactly.
  • Keep in mind the Open Graph Process(OGP).



SEO Services Includes



  • Technical SEO Optimizations Services.

  • On Page SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Off Page SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Local SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Organic SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Reputation Management Optimizations Services.

  • Page Speed SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Mobile Friendly SEO Optimizations Services.

  • Search Engine Marketing Optimizations Services.



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