6 Most Common Useful Free Tools For Digital Marketing

6-Most Common Useful Free Tools For Digital Marketing & Online Marketing.


Today we will talk about 6 Most Common Useful Free Tools For Digital Marketing. Let’s Learn About Free Tools For Digital Marketing.

Google Analytics Free Tools For Digital Marketing.

Measure performance of Website & Blog Google ads etc. Best freeware tools by Google. Deploy Tracking ID in your website and check the actual performance, even you can see the currently active user.


Google Search Console Free Tools For Digital Marketing.


Google Search Console is a freeware platform by Google. Through search console platform you can manually index your website content to perform better on a search engine query.

You can also check that your website has any penalty by a search engine or not. If you are Digital Marketer and new in website and blogging then highly recommend being familiar with Google Search console.


Google Trend Tools by Google.


Google Trend tools are used to check the trending topics on the search engine. You will insight into any content that how it is performing on a web search.

Google Trend is a free tool by Google for a digital marketer. We highly recommend checking any topics. Very helpful tools for Content writer and SEO beginner & expert.


Google keyword planner Tools by Google.


Keyword Planner is a free Google Ads tool for New, Experienced Advertisers, Entrepreneur, Startups to search keyword and optimizes ads and organic reach through SEO.

Keyword Planner can also help you check per keyword bids and budgets to use with your campaigns. A keyword planner tool also helps you for SEO. Through keyword planner, you will get everything from one platform.


Page Speed Free Tools For Digital Marketing.


PageSpeed Insights is an online tool that helps to check website speed as per google algorithm the website which is not performing as given specified performance it won’t rank, So page speed Insights provides suggestions on a web page’s optimizations.

Google Insight can be accessed directly in any browser. If you fail in this test then take immediate action on your website and improve.

You will see a rank score. If your website and blog go below the 49 points then start working on content to improve.


Facebook Insight Tools by Facebook.


Facebook insight use to check your business page organic or paid performance. one of the most powerful analytical tools if you know how to use it. It will be accessible from the Facebook Ads Manager. Audience Insights is free to use and provides huge data about ads and posts.


Ubbersuggest.io Tool And SEO Analyzer.


Both are digital marketing tools and given by Neil Patel. This one is another great tool for digital marketing.

Use these tools to analyze trending content. You will be able to see how content will be work. How easy and difficult is content to rank? How much traffic getting these keywords.

Highly recommend a content marketer.

About SEO Analyzer: Check SEO of any website. Get each and every information about the SEO of the website. You will get SEO scores and suggestions to improve your website performance and SEO score.


Canva Free Tools For Digital Marketing.


Use Canva to create awesome images without knowing much about Photoshop. Best tools for image editing and most importantly it is free to use with no canvas watermark.

We use and highly recommend it for all. Don’t waste much time on Photoshop if you are not an expert. Try Canva see the difference.





MailChimp is an email marketing solutions platform. Using MailChimp you can send unlimited mail to your subscriber at minimum cost.

Most great features of MailChimp is for a beginner it’ free. On signup with the free package, you will get a 12k email for 2k subscriber free for per month.

So isn’t it good to start and use MailChimp?  We highly recommend MailChimp. Most of Digital Marketer, Agency &Company use MailChimp to send a professional email. It has more lots of features.



WhatsApp Business by Facebook.


Now WhatsApp launched its a business version for working professionals to looks more professional. Using this app you can add services, website, description to your business app.

Make a group of your customers and potential customers and send them a broadcast message accordingly without spending money on SMS Marketing. Best App for Startup and any other business.

Even you can now integrate it with your website and app to get a direct communication option to your customer. Your visitor also feels easy to communicate with you.

Integrate WhatsApp business app Today.


Search online for tools and you will get thousands of tools to use but we used this one and we tested with our so many platforms. We recommend everyone to use it without any investment. All the above are free except MailChimp but still, MailChimp has lots of features in the free version of the package.

We are also requesting you to share your experience with us, If we found your content is worth it for the visitor, we will add to our blog and give you a credit for it.

So what are you waiting for start commenting below to suggest us to add another best tools?

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