Digital Marketing Strategy For Startup & Small Business Without Money!


Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Business Without Money.

Marketing is very difficult for startup & SME without money but still, there are so many ways you can promote organically and create a good lead for your startup. Let’s analyze the best digital marketing strategy for startup and small businesses.

Digital Marketing is a revolutionary concept in the year 2020 for every business but it will help much to startup business a small business because they can start with zero budget and anytime.


Here the top 9 tips of Digital Marketing Strategy For Startup.


Google My Business Listing Strategy

List your startup & small business on Google My business with accurate data and keyword. Always do SEO for local listing like posting the content related to your services & product & Post images frequently. Trying to get reviews as much as possible.


SEO- Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Use SEOminion tools to check Website title, description, headlines, broken links for optimization, always use the keyword in this area for organic traffic. Add sitemap in robots.txt so your website will be indexing fast.

This will be free if you have coding knowledge or if your website is on WordPress then you can do that without coding knowledge. SEO gives you lifetime mileage without investing any money. It will take little time to optimize.


Google Page Speed Test

Page speed plays a vital role in SEO so always consider it. Diagnose your website speed loading and apply page speed code to optimize your website for mobile-friendly & responsive.

80% of Internet users regularly browsing the web on a mobile device and Google’s recent decision to reduce the search engine ranking of websites that aren’t optimized for smaller screens, it’s become essential that your website is mobile-friendly.


Social Media Optimization Strategy

Make a profile on all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram with all the relevant details. Social media now make your brand awareness without investment if you are using great content.

Social media is one of the profitable digital marketing platforms that can be used to increase your business visibility without money or minimum investment. Even you can start your Facebook marketing ads with rupees 40 per day.


WhatsApp Business Strategy

Must use WhatsApp Business for your startup business. If your business’s primary mobile number is available on WhatsApp Business Apps that looks more professional. This App will give you so many benefits indirectly so start today.


Start Blogging Strategy For Business Growth

If possible start blogging and share your idea and knowledge with others and others share their requirements with you so in simple terms invest your time in blogging.

It will not only increase your brand awareness also give you the chance to earn from it. It will become your other source of income if your content will impress & adds value in their life. So do hard work on blogging.


Start Referral Program Strategy

Start referral programs and share on Facebook & other social media platforms. Share the offer in different groups so people will attract and click on your link.

Share new offers regularly so people will be waiting for your next update. your brand becomes famous in a short period of time & without money.

List In Other Online Directory Strategy

List your business in another known directory like Justdial, Indiamart, Sulekha, etc at free of cost.


Emailing Marketing Strategy.

Most of the marketing expert says email marketing has been ended but this not true still email marketing has great ROI compared to another marketing effort.

So if you can manage mail list then signup for free mailing portal. Our recommendation for free mailing service up to 2000 subscriber and 12k mail per month will be MailChimp.

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